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canada: An independent media fosters trust in what it reports and demonstrates to its audience that it operates in the public interest, not beholden to something else, according to Rabble. News Media Canada is the country's most influential advocate for a free and independent news industry. It's the most important core value of journalism. It represents more than 700 news organizations, mainly newspapers, across Canada. And it has agreed to sit on a panel that will give the federal government a large say in determining who qualifies as a professional journalist. Yet News Media Canada led the lobbying that has resulted in Ottawa pledging 600 million to help bolster journalism. ( As reported in the news.

carbon tax: For a closer look at Alberta's economic outlook, visit CTV Calgary China's refusal to accept Canada's canola oil exports is also expected to hurt the financial outlook in the West, the report indicates, according to CTV. The Atlantic provinces, on the other hand, are expected to see stronger growth than the rest of the country in part due to strong net international migration. The Conference Board of Canada released its 2019 provincial outlook on Tuesday in which they expect investors in the oil sector to look for opportunities in the United States instead of Alberta, in part due to concerns over the federal carbon tax and pipeline capacity. Quebec's economy is also expected to remain sound, despite some pork producers in the province being denied from exporting to China. The report also expects a weakened growth in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Canada-China trade dispute is also expected to impact British Columbia, which relies on China more than any province. ( As reported in the news.

aid groups: Trump's Christian posturing would be laughable if his policies weren't so cruel and often deadly, according to Rabble. Take, for example, asylum-seekers crossing the U.S. southern border. So said President Donald J. Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast last February 7. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing violence in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. Scott Warren, a geographer and educator who volunteers with the humanitarian aid groups No More Deaths and Ajo Samaritans, is on trial now in federal court in Tucson, Arizona. Increasingly militarized and violent enforcement of border security has driven desperate migrants further from official ports of entry, forcing many to embark on dangerous treks through the scorching deserts of the American Southwest. ( As reported in the news.

british columbia: The Application The subject of Knauff's application was a 10-day deployment to William's Lake, British Columbia, where forest fires had resulted in evacuation of the town, according to Rabble. Knauff alleges that over the course of his physically demanding deployment, there were few well-balanced, complete, or non-contaminated meals available to him as a vegan. While most of the 14 grounds enumerated in the code are self-explanatory, the recent case of a vegan firefighter who has alleged discrimination on the basis of creed for the failure to accommodate his diet raises questions about the intended scope of this protected ground, and whether it may be interpreted to accommodate his claim. He describes the failure to accommodate his practice of ethical veganism as being discriminatory on the basis of creed, and describes his practice of veganism as being driven by ethical, not dietary factors, and constituting a belief system that extend s the philosophy of non-consumption of animal products to all other areas of his life and goes to the very core of his identity. While the laws in provinces like B.C. and Alberta protect against discrimination on the basis of religion and political belief, the Ontario Human Rights Code refers instead to protection on the basis of creed, a term that it does not define. What is Creed Each province has its own human rights legislation which sets out grounds of protection. ( As reported in the news.

napalm attack: That outraged some people who believe Facebook should do more to clamp down on misinformation, according to CTV. Pelosi derided Facebook Wednesday for not taking down the video even though it knows it is false. Instead, it downranked the video, a behind-the-scenes move intended to limit its spread. But the company and some civil libertarians warn that Facebook could evolve into an unaccountable censor if it's forced to make judgment calls on the veracity of text, photos or videos. It manages to get itself in enough trouble simply trying to enforce more basic rules in difficult cases, such as the time a straightforward application of its ban on nudity led it to remove an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl fleeing a napalm attack. Facebook has long resisted making declarations about the truthfulness of posts that could open it up to charges of censorship or political bias. ( As reported in the news.

sea change: Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, delivered twice weekly to your inbox and every day during the election The former Indiana governor came to Ottawa Thursday bearing a figurative hug on behalf of a combative president who has insulted the prime minister, taxed Canada's metals as a national-security threat and accused Canadian farmers of unfairly impoverishing their American counterparts, according to CTV. Pence's whirlwind visit to the Canadian capital was a sea change from U.S. President Donald Trump's bitter departure from the G7 summit in Quebec almost one year ago, when he tweeted as he flew home that Trudeau was very dishonest and weak. Standing next to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Pence also called again on China to release Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor from their unlawful detention in the boldest and most tangible gesture of solidarity on a visit that was clearly meant to be a balm on the hurt feelings between the two North American neighbours. Pence said Trump would push Chinese President Xi Jinping on Kovrig and Spavor at next month's G20 summit, while he sidestepped an argument over the diametrically opposed opinions he and Trudeau have on abortion. I want to assure the people of Canada that the prime minister drove a hard bargain, as did our president, he said. He also gave Trudeau some domestic political cover against his Conservative opponents, who say the Liberals gave in to Trump and got a bad deal for Canada on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. ( As reported in the news.

trump thorn: The Pentagon's acting chief, Patrick Shanahan, said he never authorized attempts to make sure Trump would not see the USS John S. McCain at its homeport in Japan and would have his chief of staff investigate, according to CTV. Trump said he was not involved in the matter. John McCain, a Trump thorn, out of sight during the commander in chief's recent visit to Japan. Trump, who long feuded with McCain told reporters at the White House that he was not a big fan of the Arizona Republican and onetime presidential nominee in any way, shape or form. Now, somebody did it because they thought I didn't like him, OK And they were well-meaning, I will say, he said, while insisting he was kept in the dark. But, Trump added, I would never do a thing like that. ( As reported in the news.

american empire: It's not precisely about ... Donald Trump, according to CTV. But still, every day, the news that you look at or that you read is reminiscent of a kind of fall, Arcand said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. In this way, the title of his latest feature, The Fall of the American Empire, could also be read as these times we are living in, Arcand said. The U.S. is going to hell, at least as far as I can see it. The 77-year-old director, who won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2004 for The Barbarian Invasions, admits the Montreal-set film is somewhat removed from the workings of the Trump White House, but he said the cinematic and political dramas share a common theme -- the power of money to drive people's choices, for good or for ill. They are running into trouble. ( As reported in the news.

isis fighters: Aimee travelled to Syria from Alberta four years ago with her Canadian husband who later died in fighting for ISIS. She later married another fighter, but he was killed as well, according to CTV. Mohammed is her second husband's son. Aimee, whose last name CTV News has previously agreed not to reveal, gave birth to her third son Mohammed last week while living among the hundreds of fellow widows of former ISIS fighters in a special section of the al-Hawl refugee camp in eastern Syria. CTV News' Paul Workman profiled Aimee's story in February as she pleaded to come home, but since then there has been little action on the part of the Canadian government, while the conditions at the camp have worsened. More recently, some of the women have been assaulted by Kurdish guards at the camp, while one woman was allegedly strip-searched. Earlier this year, a British ISIS bride gave birth to a child in the same camp, but the baby died three weeks later from pneumonia. ( As reported in the news.

extrajudicial executions: It accuses the military of carrying out extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests, torture and other ill-treatment, and enforced disappearances, according to CTV. Amnesty International says the Arakan rebels also have committed abuses against civilians, including kidnappings, though on a lesser scale. It says in a report released Wednesday that the army has killed and injured civilians in indiscriminate attacks since January 2019 as it battles the Arakan Army, a well-trained guerrilla force from the Buddhist ethnic group seeking autonomy for Rakhine. ( As reported in the news.

italian community: Hassan Guillet said the Liberals were reluctant to have him run in Saint-L onard, afraid of antagonizing the large Italian community, according to CBC. But he pushed ahead, and insists that he represents the community better than everybody else, pointing out that the riding is increasingly diverse and is now home to sizeable North African and Haitian populations as well. Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press/File Maura Forrest May 28, 20198 54 PM EDTLast Updated May 29, 201910 08 AM EDTFiled under Canadian Share this story Well-known former imam wins Liberal nomination in Montreal riding Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InOTTAWA A former imam who gained international attention for speaking at a funeral for victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting has won the Liberal nomination in the Montreal riding of the first time the party has nominated a non-Italian in the Liberal stronghold. The Muslim community is as big as the Italian community, Guillet told the Post in an interview. Guillet claims to speak six languages, including Italian, and said he was the only potential candidate who could speak to the majority of the riding's constituents in their mother tongue, whether it be French, English, Italian or Arabic. The demographic changed enormously. ( As reported in the news.

modal.close window: Share, according to Rabble. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Discover. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get startedFACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE YAHOO! Privacy Policy SIGN UP Already registered Login Email Username Password Name Zipcode DONE function if typeof window.MVN.user ! 'undefined' .ajax url data uid method 'POST', success function r var user; ; e.prevent Default ; false ; var formfields function r .ajax url '/profile/reg Sail Thru', data formfields, method 'post' .success function e is complete!' .show ; .modal.close ; window.location function r was a problem with your information. Jim Schutze The Best Emails I've Received About Dallas' Confederate Monuments Stephen Young May 29, 2019 4 00am Facebook Twitter email Print ArticleAAThere have been times, during the five years that I've spent at the Observer, that I've been surprised when a subject provoked hate mail or Facebook comments from you, our lovely readers. Please check it and try again' .show ; ; function 'sitekey' '.omni-icon-close', function .modal.close ; ' captcha' .show ; ; ' join-error' .hide ; e.prevent Default ; var form Data ' join' .serialize ; function r .ajax url '/profile/auth User', method 'post', data form Data ; window.MVN.user r.user; // location.reload ; // .modal.close ; function r ; ; function .modal.close ; false ; ; .modal.close ; false ; ; ; MVN Sign In Don't have an account yet Sign Up Facebook Twitter Follow Follow For You Texas Fixes Its Revenge Porn Law Muhlaysia Booker Killing Similar to Other Attacks on Trans Women, DPD Says The Best Emails I've Received About Dallas' Confederate Monuments Stephen Young 4EXPANDThe empty platform on which the Robert E. Lee statue stood. ( As reported in the news.

party coffers: He was reelected as an Independent in the 2008 election and sat as such until he resigned his seat in 2009 after a cancer diagnosis, according to National Observer. His 2008 electoral race was full of barriers, Casey said in an interview. In 2007, Casey, then a member of the Conservative Pary, was expelled by Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he voted against the budget, claiming that it broke the Atlantic Accord with his province and Newfoundland and Labrador. According to election laws, Independent candidates have to start with zero monetary funds members affiliated with a party have access to party coffers . That puts Independents at a disadvantage on sighs, pamphlets and advertising, Casey said. It is stacked against Independents. And after the election, any money leftover in an Independent's campaign has to be put back into government coffers as opposed to a party riding association, for example . ; The system is unfair, Casey said. ( As reported in the news.

canada: In dollar terms, the vast majority of Canadian oil imports -- about 64 per cent -- came from the U.S. last year, while 18 per cent came from Saudi Arabia, six per cent from Azerbaijan and three per cent from Norway, according to CTV. Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Algeria were also sources of imports last year into Canada. Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, for all the latest politics news Scheer raised the idea in a recent speech, stating Canada shouldn't buy oil from rogue states with poor human-rights and environmental records, like Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Canada hasn't imported any crude from Iran or Venezuela in recent years. Pedro Antunes, chief economist for The Conference Board of Canada, said outright oil independence is not a big economic issue for the country. Meanwhile, virtually all the millions of barrels of crude oil Canada exports each day are sold to the United States. ( As reported in the news.

home game: I have never missed a minute of a game in 24 years, he told CTV News, according to CTV. This included Game 6 of the NBA semifinals on Saturday, when the Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. He's a staple at courtside and around the city, and a global audience recently saw him demonstrate his belief that the power of sports can unite everybody. After enduring the ups and downs that come with attending every home game since the team started back in 1995, his patience appears to have paid off. He's become such a fixture courtside that it's not uncommon for Torontonians to stop and ask to take pictures with him -- as if he were a player on the team. He'll be present Thursday night for the greatest moment the Raptors have had yet. ( As reported in the news.

unverified website: The article makes the untrue claim that Canada has granted residency to all Kenyans who were illegally living in Canada and applied to remain, according to CTV. This latest fake news story follows a near-identical report that was published on the same website last month, claiming Trudeau had begged Nigeria for one million immigrants. The latest report, published on an unverified website called CBTV, falsely claims that Trudeau pleaded with Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow one million Kenyans to enter Canada under a new Employment and Migration Programme designed for immigrants. Both articles were shared widely on social media, prompting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to respond. If you have seen this link on your social media timeline, don't fall for it. In early May, Canada's High Commission in Kenya debunked the fake news story in a tweet that read, Fake News Alert. ( As reported in the news.

climate election: Perhaps more significantly, the results showed how environmental concerns can transcend the political issues that dominate most European Union elections, according to CTV. The European election was a climate election, declared Anna Kretzschmar, a German in her 20s who was out in a Berlin park with her young child. Provisional results Monday showed the left-leaning Greens coming in fourth in the balloting with 69 seats, an increase of 17 from the last election, five years ago. Kretzschmar welcomed the lift the Greens received in Sunday's vote, saying it would give them a stronger voice to raise the alarm about global warming. Among other things, the Green movement has strongly backed scientists' calls for the 28-nation bloc to end all greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, a goal that would require an epic shift in Europe's economy away from fossil fuels. I think we are more affected by climate change than we realize, she added. ( As reported in the news.

miller: That's no easy task when tuition and living costs for one year amount to 113,000 CAD. So she has turned to crowdfunding for help, according to CTV. The 24-year-old Brampton, Ont. resident had scholarships to help her graduate from the University of Ottawa with a double major in economics and political science in May 2018. But she did and now she needs to pay for it. Miller grew up in a family of nine that struggled to make ends meet. I applied to Harvard not because I expected to get in, but because I was living out one of my life mottos the only thing worse than rejection is not knowing,' Miller writes on her GoFund Me page. But her parents always put value on a good education. ( As reported in the news.

sports fans: It's hooked casual sports fans, ensnared pop culture junkies and most notably, enticed diehard Leafs fans to put aside their blue-and-whites to cheer for Canada's sole NBA team as they face the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, according to CTV. But Toronto has always been a hockey town, and even this remarkable Raptors run likely won't change that, say some observers including bar manager Adam Zizzo. As became evident with the hordes of revellers that spilled onto downtown streets following Saturday's thrilling Game 6 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA's Eastern Conference final, the prospect of a Canadian team winning a very American trophy is a potent rallying cry. We noticed a lot of our regular Leafs fans definitely hop onto the Raptors bandwagon after the Leafs get knocked out every year, chuckles Zizzo, manager at the Hurricanes Roadhouse Restaurant, located just west of the Annex neighbourhood, a student enclave. We don't get too many chances to go deep into the playoffs with any of our teams very often so when one of them makes it, I think everyone kind of gets the team spirit. I think it's just having someone to root for, you know. ( As reported in the news.

results: This strict new legislation basically criminalizes the procedure and treats anyone seeking an abortion or attempting to administer one as a criminal who could face life in prison, according to National Observer. But this didn't just happen. The recent backsliding on women's rights we've witnessed in Alabama and seven other U.S. states, has many of us reeling. The groundwork for this gigantic step backwards for reproductive freedom was initially taken two years ago. I had stayed up late, watching the results trickle in, desperately hoping that what was materializing before my eyes would turn out to be a bad dream.A man who had been recorded bragging about sexually assaulting women, because they let you do it when you're famous had just been declared the next president of the United States. After Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency, I vividly remember waking up the next day in a bit of an exhausted daze. ( As reported in the news.

mexican border: Our pitch to Canada is to do more, said Mark Manly, the Mexico representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, according to CTV. Manly was in Ottawa earlier this month for meetings with the federal government to look for ways for Canada to help resettle more of the migrants that have arrived in Mexico. Mexico is feeling the squeeze from an unprecedented exodus of people fleeing Central American countries and some of the worst violence from nations not at actually war is forcing families northward. The request comes as the United States takes a harder line on its Mexican border, with President Donald Trump branding the caravans of migrants as being laced with violent criminals bent on destabilizing his country. Asylum seekers reaching Mexico from Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela caused a 103-per-cent spike in claims in 2018 over the previous year, from almost 15,000 to about 30,000, says the UNHCR. Manly said that many migrants have good settlement prospects in Mexico because of its growing economy and need for foreign labour, but women and girls fleeing gang violence as well as members of the transgender and gay communities need to be resettled elsewhere because they are not safe. Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are pushing to have their new version of the North American Free Trade Agreement ratified soon as Vice-President Mike Pence visits Ottawa this week to give that a renewed push. ( As reported in the news.

multi-national ballot: Here's a look at that massive exercise in democracy, a multi-national ballot by the European Union's only democratically elected institution. ------ WHO, WHEN, WHAT ON THE EU VOTE Europe's voting marathon kicked off Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands, according to CTV. Voters in Ireland turned out on Friday, and those in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia on Saturday. More than 400 million voters in 28 nations had the right to vote over the past four days. On Sunday, people in the remaining 21 EU nations cast their ballots. Seats in the European Parliament are doled out proportionally based on a nation's population. Voters in each EU nation chose some of the 751 lawmakers in the European Parliament, which sits in both Brussels and Strasbourg, France. ( As reported in the news.

parking lot: They said the suspect was arrested after allegedly punching at least one other person, according to CTV. Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette said the altercation was unacceptable and that such violence has no place in Quebec. Police arrested a 47-year-old man after a skirmish broke out between the suspect and a few others including a taxi driver in the parking lot of the Centre culturel islamique de Quebec shortly after noon on Saturday. But he insisted the incident was not connected to the government's proposed secularism bill, which would prevent some employees in the public sector, including teachers and police officers, from wearing religious symbols on the job. There is absolutely no link between Bill 21 and what happened, Jolin-Barrette said in Montreal, where he was attending the Coalition Avenir Quebec party's general council meeting. It would also require those receiving public services to uncover their faces when necessary for identification. ( As reported in the news.

party: The final two candidates are then offered to the Tory membership at large for an election, according to Rabble. It could take two to six weeks for MPs to whittle down the leadership contenders From 24 June - Top Two Tory candidates are offered to Tory members Once Tory MPs have whittled the leadership contenders down to the top two in a series of votes - the lucky two will be be put to a vote by Conservative Party members. Nominations to stand will close in the week beginning June 10 before it is put to several rounds of votes. July 26 - New Tory leader selected and becomes PM The Tory party hierarchy has said it wants a new Tory party leader to be selected by the Parliamentary recess - which is likely to be on July 26. September 29-October 2 - Conservative Party conference The Tory gathering in Manchester this autumn will be the natural time for a new leader to take the stage and try to unite the fractured party. The new leader will become Prime Minister and form a government. ( As reported in the news.

embassy statement: He encouraged the Chinese government to engage in substantive dialogue with the Dalai Lama or his representatives, without preconditions, to seek a settlement that resolves differences, it said, according to CTV. Branstad also raised long-standing concerns about the lack of consistent access to the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Terry Branstad also expressed concerns regarding the Chinese government's interference in Tibetan Buddhists' freedom to organize and practice their religion, an embassy statement said. The rare visit to the TAR and neighbouring Qinghai province ran from Sunday through Saturday. He also met with senior Tibetan religious and cultural leaders, the embassy said. Hosted by the Tibet Autonomous Region government, Branstad was given access to important religious and cultural sites, including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka, and Sera Monastery in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa. ( As reported in the news.

party meetings: I can reassure you that we love each other, the premier said at the CAQ's party meetings in Montreal on Saturday morning, according to CTV. This morning I asked Sonia Lebel and Simon Jolin-Barrette to kiss each other in front of everybody... not on the mouth. This week there were reports of a rift between immigration minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, the champion of Bill 21, and justice minister Sonia LeBel. I can reassure you we love each other francoislegault addresses rumours of friction between ministers. A handful demonstrated outside the hotel that CAQ ministers are staying at. CTVMontreal qcpoli Kelly Greig Kelly Greig May 25, 2019 Environment Young people from the group Pour le Futur Montreal were demanding a meeting with Legault to talk about climate change. ( As reported in the news.