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Canada: Cent and Saudi Arabia

canada: In dollar terms, the vast majority of Canadian oil imports -- about 64 per cent -- came from the U.S. last year, while 18 per cent came from Saudi Arabia, six per cent from Azerbaijan and three per cent from Norway, according to CTV. Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Algeria were also sources of imports last year into Canada. Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, for all the latest politics news Scheer raised the idea in a recent speech, stating Canada shouldn't buy oil from rogue states with poor human-rights and environmental records, like Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Canada hasn't imported any crude from Iran or Venezuela in recent years. Pedro Antunes, chief economist for The Conference Board of Canada, said outright oil independence is not a big economic issue for the country. Meanwhile, virtually all the millions of barrels of crude oil Canada exports each day are sold to the United States. ( As reported in the news.