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Sports Fans: Milwaukee Bucks and Hockey Town

sports fans: It's hooked casual sports fans, ensnared pop culture junkies and most notably, enticed diehard Leafs fans to put aside their blue-and-whites to cheer for Canada's sole NBA team as they face the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, according to CTV. But Toronto has always been a hockey town, and even this remarkable Raptors run likely won't change that, say some observers including bar manager Adam Zizzo. As became evident with the hordes of revellers that spilled onto downtown streets following Saturday's thrilling Game 6 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA's Eastern Conference final, the prospect of a Canadian team winning a very American trophy is a potent rallying cry. We noticed a lot of our regular Leafs fans definitely hop onto the Raptors bandwagon after the Leafs get knocked out every year, chuckles Zizzo, manager at the Hurricanes Roadhouse Restaurant, located just west of the Annex neighbourhood, a student enclave. We don't get too many chances to go deep into the playoffs with any of our teams very often so when one of them makes it, I think everyone kind of gets the team spirit. I think it's just having someone to root for, you know. ( As reported in the news.