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Climate Election: European Election

climate election: Perhaps more significantly, the results showed how environmental concerns can transcend the political issues that dominate most European Union elections, according to CTV. The European election was a climate election, declared Anna Kretzschmar, a German in her 20s who was out in a Berlin park with her young child. Provisional results Monday showed the left-leaning Greens coming in fourth in the balloting with 69 seats, an increase of 17 from the last election, five years ago. Kretzschmar welcomed the lift the Greens received in Sunday's vote, saying it would give them a stronger voice to raise the alarm about global warming. Among other things, the Green movement has strongly backed scientists' calls for the 28-nation bloc to end all greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, a goal that would require an epic shift in Europe's economy away from fossil fuels. I think we are more affected by climate change than we realize, she added. ( As reported in the news.