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Isis Fighters: Canadian Husband and Aimee

isis fighters: Aimee travelled to Syria from Alberta four years ago with her Canadian husband who later died in fighting for ISIS. She later married another fighter, but he was killed as well, according to CTV. Mohammed is her second husband's son. Aimee, whose last name CTV News has previously agreed not to reveal, gave birth to her third son Mohammed last week while living among the hundreds of fellow widows of former ISIS fighters in a special section of the al-Hawl refugee camp in eastern Syria. CTV News' Paul Workman profiled Aimee's story in February as she pleaded to come home, but since then there has been little action on the part of the Canadian government, while the conditions at the camp have worsened. More recently, some of the women have been assaulted by Kurdish guards at the camp, while one woman was allegedly strip-searched. Earlier this year, a British ISIS bride gave birth to a child in the same camp, but the baby died three weeks later from pneumonia. ( As reported in the news.