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British Columbia: Day Deployment and Forest Fires

british columbia: The Application The subject of Knauff's application was a 10-day deployment to William's Lake, British Columbia, where forest fires had resulted in evacuation of the town, according to Rabble. Knauff alleges that over the course of his physically demanding deployment, there were few well-balanced, complete, or non-contaminated meals available to him as a vegan. While most of the 14 grounds enumerated in the code are self-explanatory, the recent case of a vegan firefighter who has alleged discrimination on the basis of creed for the failure to accommodate his diet raises questions about the intended scope of this protected ground, and whether it may be interpreted to accommodate his claim. He describes the failure to accommodate his practice of ethical veganism as being discriminatory on the basis of creed, and describes his practice of veganism as being driven by ethical, not dietary factors, and constituting a belief system that extend s the philosophy of non-consumption of animal products to all other areas of his life and goes to the very core of his identity. While the laws in provinces like B.C. and Alberta protect against discrimination on the basis of religion and political belief, the Ontario Human Rights Code refers instead to protection on the basis of creed, a term that it does not define. What is Creed Each province has its own human rights legislation which sets out grounds of protection. ( As reported in the news.