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canadian officials: They accuse Canadian officials of intentionally or recklessly disregarding his mental illness when processing his removal from Canada, claims the government denies, according to Toronto Star. In their multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit now before the Federal Court, the family alleges Deng's suicide was the result of stress caused by the proceedings and the negligence of officials at an Immigration and Refugee Board tribunal and the Canada Border Services Agency. For a dozen years, Shiming Deng's elderly parents in Beijing have been trying to piece together what happened to the new immigrant prior to his death. Like the Chinese saying goes, our heaven has collapsed. He was our only child. It's been hell since Shiming's death, his father, Qianhui Deng, told the Star. ( As reported in the news.

boy: Anne's Road and Varennes Avenue Tuesday, according to CTV. The boy was crossing around 8 20 a.m., just meters from his school, cole Varennes. Family say 8-year-old Surafiel Musse Tesfamariam was fatally hit by a vehicle at a crosswalk at St. He was in grade three. Loved to live. He's always happy. ( As reported in the news.

evening concert: The main ceremony is taking place on Sunday, when President Hashim Thaci and Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli are due back from the Munich Security Conference, according to The Chronicle Herald. A special panel on Kosovo is scheduled to be held at the Munich conference. British singer Rita Ora, who was born in Kosovo before her family left the country, headlines an open-air evening concert in Pristina. Kosovo is recognized by 117 countries, including the U.S. and most Western powers, and has joined about 200 international organizations. In Serbia's capital, Belgrade, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said Kosovo's independence remains fragile and won't be concluded without an agreement with Serbia. Serbia, which for centuries has considered Kosovo the cradle of its civilization, still sees it as part of its own territory and has the support of Russia and China. ( As reported in the news.

hope things: Romney took issue, though, with language that's come out of Washington generally that can make minorities and immigrants feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.GUN CONTROLSpeaking days after 17 people died at a Florida high school shooting, Romney insisted it was an appropriate time to talk about what can be done to protect students, according to Metro News. I don't think we can just wait and hope things like this are going to stop of their own accord, he said. Some highlights of the phone interview with Romney IMMIGRATIONRomney said he agrees with President Donald Trump on the need for border security, including penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants and stopping chain migration, a term critics use to describe family-based immigration. Still, he said he wouldn't support any federal gun proposals he knows about because none would prevent school shootings, with the possible exception of an enhanced background-check proposal by Sen. While he said most gun control should come from states, Romney said he would support regulations on bump stocks, a rapid-fire device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting.RUSSIARomney was asked about Trump's claims Friday that he was vindicated by the U.S. special counsel filing charges against 13 Russians of disrupting the 2016 election. Orrin Hatch. ( As reported in the news.

i love: I've wanted for a long time to see snow so I adore it, according to CBC. But it's very cold. I love it, he said. Less than a year after his arrival, the 18-year-old from Burundi is donning a tuque and scarf as he excitedly prepares for another first. The journey brings together a mix of young immigrants and refugees for a five-day trip. Ingabire is embarking on a 250-kilometre bike ride from Montreal to Quebec City during his first winter in the province. ( As reported in the news.

party: Even if you don't seem to know your own mind, according to Toronto Star. Or when to call it quits without attempting a quick comeback. Now we know you only too well. The man most Ontarians had never heard of is now the most notorious politician in the province, a teetotaller accused of sexual misconduct among drunken teenagers. Today, Brown is back. In the aftermath, he resigned as Progressive Conservative party leader and renounced his claim to the premiership. ( As reported in the news.

trade missions: That is 3.6 per cent of the population, according to National Observer. India is also Canada's second largest source of immigrants, approximately 40,000 in 2016. ; In fairness to Trudeau, he is not the first Canadian politician to be tempted by the lure of Indo-Canadian votes. More than a million Canadians are of Indian heritage. Previous and current prime ministers, provincial premiers and political party leaders have beaten the path to India for the same reason, often under the guise of trade missions. Trudeau's predecessor, Stephen Harper, tried and failed to negotiate a Canada-India free trade agreement. However, Canada-India trade of 7 billion is miniscule - worth only one week of Canada's trade with the United States. ( As reported in the news.

androgynous models: They make eye-catching additions to the perfectly honed or androgynous models that typically feature at fashion's annual showcase in London, according to CTV. It's celebrating diversity really and it's bringing a bit more light to fashion instead of just using the bog-standard models, agency owner Marc French told AFP. He describes it as a character model agency -- from fat, thin, to large to small you name it, we've got it . He cited the example of French actor Gerard Depardieu. Fashion Week opens in the British capital Friday, and among the legions of models strutting down the catwalk, several will come from Ugly. I mean look at him he's so full of character and charisma. Imperfection is beauty' Founded a half century ago, Ugly occupies trendy open-plan space in west London featuring a baroque sofa, brushed aluminium computers and walls studded with photos of models. He becomes sexy because he's so cool and he's so different. ( As reported in the news.

appeals: In a 9-4 vote, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond said it examined statements made by Trump and other administration officials, as well as the presidential proclamation imposing the ban, and concluded that it second-guesses our nation's dedication to religious freedom and tolerance, according to Toronto Star. The 4th Circuit is the second federal appeals court to rule against the ban. U.S. President Donald Trump's latest travel ban on travellers from six largely Muslim countries is unconstitutionally tainted with animus toward Islam, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, delivering another blow to the policy. In December, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that Trump exceeded the scope of his authority with the latest ban. In December, the high court said the ban could be fully enforced while appeals made their way through the courts. The 4th Circuit court upheld a ruling by a federal judge in Maryland who issued an injunction barring enforcement of the ban against people from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen who have bona fide relationships with people in the U.S. The U.S. Supreme Court has already agreed to hear the travel ban case in April. ( As reported in the news.

border wall: Also defeated was a plan by a bipartisan group of senators who offered a compromise that would have shielded the young immigrants and financed Trump's demands for money to build his coveted border wall with Mexico, though more gradually than he wants, according to Toronto Star. Eight Republicans joined most Democrats in backing that plan, but it fell short after the White House threatened a veto and GOP leaders opposed it. Senators dealt U.S. President Donald Trump an especially galling defeat as more than a quarter of fellow Republicans abandoned him on an issue that helped propel him to the White House. The day's votes, in which four separate proposals were defeated, illustrated anew Congress' steep challenge in striking a deal on an issue that's proven intractable for years and on which each party's most fervent supporters refuse to budge. Read more Trump says last chance' for Democrats, Republicans to make deal for Dreamers' Article Continued Below With U.S. budget deal all sides claim big wins, but next fight over immigration looks tougherU.S. Senate agrees to budget deal with money for defence and infrastructure, but no plan for Dreamers'The Senate votes left the young immigrants facing a March 5 deadline that Trump has given Congress for restoring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, that he annulled last year. The outcome suggested there may be no permanent solution soon to help the Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. as children, despite their sky-high support in public polling. ( As reported in the news.

korean table: Dre and Roger Troutman . Up at the mountain venues, it's little more high-charged with Linkin Park, Jay-Z and Audioslave, according to CTV. But like the kimchi side dish that shows up on almost every Korean table, these Winter Games come with a musical kick -- K-pop. Fans are tapping their feet -- sometimes just to keep warm -- to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song, AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long, Village People's YMCA, Blur's Song 2, Los del Rio's Macarena and California Love by 2Pac featuring Dr. And that includes far more than Psy's 2012 mega-hit Gangnam Style, which held the record for You Tube's most watched clip for five years. And the Korean pop menu is vast. Everywhere you turn in South Korea, there is musical accompaniment. ( As reported in the news.

casey: Casey met Paz six years ago in Singapore, and the couple were married in the Philippines in May, according to CBC. He said they've now spent a year gathering most of the necessary paperwork and he expects they will wait up to a second year for the documents to work their way through the system at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Sean Casey fights his own battle to bring home his new wife, Mika Paz, who lives in Manila. Being apart has been difficult, said Casey, who last saw Paz in November and isn't sure when he will see her next. She wants to come, she's excited to come, he said. Couldn't get tourist visa An earlier application by Paz to visit on a six-month tourist visa was rejected. ( As reported in the news.

immigration laws: The agency says 88 per cent of those arrested are convicted criminals, according to Metro News. The raids triggered a protest late Thursday in downtown Los Angeles, where a Homeland Security van was blocked from entering the federal Metropolitan Detention Center. Agents also served 122 notices to businesses that they will be audited to determine whether they are employing people who are in the country illegally. Police were called and a dispersal order was given, but there were no arrests. 7 19 a.m. The Los Angeles Times reports that police were called and a dispersal order was issued, but no one was arrested. Stepped-up enforcement of immigration laws at Southern California businesses triggered a protest in downtown Los Angeles.A group of immigrant rights advocates chanting stop the deportations and other slogans blocked a Homeland Security van from entering the federal Metropolitan Detention Center late Thursday. ( As reported in the news.

issue: She said the issue has been on the government's radar since 2016, yet the discriminatory policy that causes heartache and hardship remains, according to CBC. Still there's no action, Kwan said. NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan held a news conference today calling on the government to repeal a section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that allows applicants to be rejected because they could impose an excessive demand on the health care system. Liberals to scrap policy that rejects disabled immigrants'An issue that pulls at the heartstrings' The House of Commons studied the issue last fall, when Hussen told the immigration committee the government was committed to ditching the 40-year-old policy. Today, Hussen said the government is working on a response and will present its plan by April 12. He said at the time it does not align with our country's values of inclusion of person with disabilities in Canadian society. ( As reported in the news.

law enforcement: Weeks later, ICE ordered her to appear before an immigration judge, even though she said she had not had any contact with law enforcement that might have prompted deportation, according to Metro News. The Seattle Times last month reported that the Department of Licensing had shared information with immigration authorities despite promises by Democratic Gov. An email obtained by The Associated Press under a public records request shows the state agency sent ICE a copy of the driver's license and license application for activist Maru Mora-Villalpando on Dec. 7. Jay Inslee that state officials would not enforce immigration laws. Activists have said the department's director, Pat Kohler, should also step down. Inslee ordered the practice halted immediately and the deputy director of the department resigned. ( As reported in the news.

mark meadows: Compounding those divisions are pressures from some of the House's most conservative members, who are casting the effort as a pivotal test for Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis, according to Metro News. It is a, the, defining moment for this speaker, said Rep. Republican leaders there are scrambling to find enough GOP votes to pass a measure that's even more restrictive than a proposal by President Donald Trump that flopped spectacularly in the Senate on Thursday. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. who leads the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, which helped force former Speaker John Boehner from his job in 2015. Ryan aides did not respond to a request for comment on Meadows' remark. If he gets it wrong, it will have consequences for him but it will also have consequences for the rest of the Republican Party. ( As reported in the news.

myanmar: He did not explain how the names had been chosen, according to CTV. About 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled army-led violence in Buddhist-majority Myanmar since last August and are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said Friday the list contained the members of 1,673 Rohingya families. The two countries originally agreed to begin the repatriations last month, but they were delayed by concerns among aid workers and Rohingya that they would be forced to return and face unsafe conditions in Myanmar. U.N. refugee chief Filippo Grandi told the Security Council on Tuesday that conditions aren't right for Rohingya to voluntarily return because Myanmar hasn't addressed their exclusion and denial of rights. Hundreds of Rohingya were reportedly killed in the violence, and many houses and villages burned to the ground. ( As reported in the news.

ndp: In the 1970s the divisive issue was Canada's independence from its domineering U.S. neighbour, according to Rabble. Wafflers, led by economists Mel Watkins and Jim Laxer, wanted to turn the NDP into a truly socialist party . The Waffle called for an end to domination of Canada by the American empire -- not through homegrown capitalism but via national planning of investment and public ownership of the means of production. That was when the socialist and Canadian-nationalist Waffle wing formed what was almost a party within the party. The NDP establishment eventually kicked out the Wafflers. Many Waffle leaders later returned to the NDP and became leading forces in the party. After trying, with limited success, to form a new party, the Waffle movement disbanded. ( As reported in the news.

service work: At a meeting Jan. 18, past and present public servants said they suffered racial harassment and faced reprisal when making complaints, according to Toronto Star. Read more Black job seekers have harder time finding retail and service work than their white counterparts, study suggests Article Continued Below Opinion Gooch How to support celebrating Canada's Black heritage and challenge racism Coteau heard stories from Black employees who said their roles were steadily diminished despite years of positive reviews. The announcement came a day after more than 20 Black employees, mostly women, brought their concerns directly to Michael Coteau, Ontario's minister of children and youth services, who is also in charge of the province's anti-racism initiatives. Others had trained new staff, only to see those new employees be given higher, more lucrative positions. A majority of the participants said they had been suspended, demoted or fired while the staffers they had complained about faced no repercussions. Some said their complaints about racial discrimination were mishandled. ( As reported in the news.

veteran literata: For the coming week, in her star-turn monologue Broken Tailbone, veteran literata, feminista and leftist Passionaria Carmen Aguirre dishes out her own patent mixture of Pico de Gallo, according to Vancouver Observer. It's very hot and very Red. Likewise with the dance floor variety of salsa. And she invites you to mix your own salsa along with her, right down on the stage floor, while she presides as a sort of dancing coach from a dais erected atop the plush, red-flock audience seating of The Cultch's Traditional Theatre. Aguirre sets herself up as an irresistible, incontrovertible Jefa feminine for Boss who reinforces her directives with a background discourse on the etiology and symbolism of every dance step. It's a far cry from your usual Rec Centre salsa class. ( As reported in the news.

budget cycle: The proposed budget is nearly 13 million more than had been approved in principle by council last year as part of the two-year budget cycle, according to The Chronicle Herald. Really, the major cost is the increase in the operation cost, said Stuebing, who took over the department in September. Part of the good news was that council voted to accept the proposed 2018-19 budget that included 68 million in wages and benefits. It's overtime, staff replacing those who are training. The recruiting, hiring and training drive has been precipitated by a recommendation that each fire truck should have four firefighters on board, and by a recent spate of retirements. The department has hired 40 career firefighters to help staff its 51 fire stations that protect more than 400,000 people in a 5,577-square-kilometre area. ( As reported in the news.

i side: Uploaded in April 2017, the episode detailing Canada's geography currently boasts 1.4 million views with 26,000 likes and 1,000 dislikes, according to Rabble. After watching the video several times, I have to say I side with the dislikes and for some very good reasons. Through its main series and namesake, it covers the geography, history, politics, culture and diplomacy of a sovereign country per episode, through the alphabetical list of United Nations members. Aimed at high school aged viewers, the host uses misogynous and outright racist material to inject 'humour' into this 13-minute video meant to educate viewers on the geography of Canada. While attempting to explain the difference between Americans and Canadians, Barby describes Americans as the quintessential teenage boy, namely energetic, opinionated, and confident. Instead, it insults and degrades women, Indigenous communities, and a wide variety of racial and ethnic groups. ( As reported in the news.

canadian citizenship: Accepting the federal position would result in uncertainty about an individual's fundamental right to citizenship, Vavilov's counsel say in a brief filed with the high court, according to CTV. The Supreme Court will announce in coming weeks whether it's going to hear the case, though no date has been set for the decision. They're asking the Supreme Court of Canada to dismiss the government's application for a hearing of the legal issues at the heart of the strange espionage saga that has left Alexander Vavilov, 23, in limbo. The government is appealing a ruling that returned Canadian citizenship to Vavilov after it was revoked by Ottawa. The following year the family - including an older boy, Timothy - left Canada for France, where they spent four years before moving to the United States. Vavilov, 23, was born in 1994 as Alexander Philip Anthony Foley to Donald Heathfield and Tracey Ann Foley. ( As reported in the news.

canadian citizenship: I hope that they correct their mistake and that they don't go forward with the deportation, according to CTV. Abdoul Abdi, who never got Canadian citizenship while growing up in foster care in Nova Scotia, was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency after serving nearly five years in prison for multiple offences, including aggravated assault. He would not be in these circumstances if it wasn't for the government, Fatouma Abdi said outside court in Halifax. Abdi's lawyer, Benjamin Perryman, said federal officials turned down the 24-year-old's request to press pause on a deportation hearing while he pursues a constitutional challenge. The former refugee was not in court because he had to work -- one of the conditions of his release to a Toronto-area halfway house. Abdi then asked the Federal Court to temporarily halt the deportation hearing -- scheduled for March 7 -- and Perryman made arguments on his behalf on Thursday. ( As reported in the news.

child care: Because they lacked permanent status either through permanent residency or citizenship they would no longer receive support from the city on the basis of their immigration status, according to Toronto Star. One parent, a single mother and an international student, found herself scrambling to find answers. Early last fall, No One Is Illegal, the migrant rights group, learned from parents who are international students that their child-care subsidies were being withdrawn. At the annual review meeting where parental contribution is assessed, she was told her status as an international student meant she would be dropped from the child-care subsidy program. That's more than my pay. Without the city subsidy, child care for her two children totalled around 4,000. ( As reported in the news.

ethiopian government: I believe that the public's demands and questions should be met and answered, according to Toronto Star. It was not immediately clear whether lawmakers had accepted the resignation. I want to be part of the solution, he said in remarks carried by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. Ethiopia has been rocked by months of protests demanding wider freedoms that have left hundreds dead and tens of thousands detained. Read more Ethiopia to drop charges against political prisoners, close notorious camp Article Continued Below Ethiopian government says renewed ethnic clashes kill more than 20 people Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as South Africa's new president a day after Jacob Zuma resigns The protests have disrupted life and business in one of Africa's fastest-growing economies. react-empty 162 The 53-year-old prime minister said he will continue in his role until the power transition is completed. The government in recent weeks released more than 6,500 detained opposition figures, journalists and others after the prime minister in an unexpected announcement in January said he wanted to widen the democratic space for all. ( As reported in the news.