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brenton tarrant: Hungarian counterterrorism authorities also suggested that Tarrant had visited but revealed no other information, and local media in Bosnia reported a 2017 trip there, according to CTV. While the details of Tarrant's travels are sketchy, authorities in those countries said they are investigating his movements and any contacts he might have had with local people. Authorities in Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia have confirmed that Brenton Tarrant, 28, had been to their countries in 2016-2018. During his unprecedented, live-streamed shooting spree Friday in Christchurch, Tarrant exposed his apparent fascination with the religious conflicts in Europe and the Balkans -- a volatile region that has been the site of some of Europe's most violent clashes. The song glorifies Serbian fighters and former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic -- the man jailed at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague for genocide and other war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. Tarrant's soundtrack as he drove to the Christchurch mosque included a nationalist Serb song from the 1992-95 Bosnian war that tore apart Yugoslavia. ( As reported in the news.

family: Now a grade seven student at George Street Middle School, Raghad Al Khlief said she could barely stand up as she waited for her aunt and uncle, and four cousins, to get off the plane, according to CTV. I don't know how I'm feeling, I cannot even describe it right now. The Al Khlief brothers and their families have been separated for the last three years, after one brought his family to New Brunswick during the winter of 2016 and the other stayed behind in Syria. It's like all mixed together, she said. It was around the same time a group of St. Raghad's family came to New Brunswick along with the thousands of Syrian refugees who came to Canada in the winter and spring of 2016. ( As reported in the news.

immigration program: Fraser Anning came under blistering criticism over tweets on Friday including one that said, Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence The real cause of the bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place, he said in a statement, according to CTV. Television cameras caught a 17-year-old boy breaking an egg on Anning's head and briefly scuffling with the independent senator while he was holding a news conference Saturday in Melbourne. Sen. Police said the boy was arrested but was released without charge pending a further investigation. The government and opposition party agreed to pass a censure motion against Anning over his stance on the Christchurch shootings when Parliament resumes in April. No motive was offered for the egging. ( As reported in the news.

mosque: Amin and his father, Muhammad Amin Nasir, were just 200 metres from the Al Noor mosque on Friday when everything went wrong, according to Vancouver Courier. They had no idea that a white supremacist had just slaughtered at least 41 people inside the mosque's hallowed halls, or that more people would be killed at a second mosque soon after. Every Friday, Yasir Amin and his dad had ambled along the path toward the mosque where they prayed together in peace, a routine so serene and so ordinary that Amin was nearly blinded by confusion when the man drove up with the gun. All they knew was that a car that had been driving by had suddenly stopped. The bullets began to fly. And a man was leaning out the car's window, pointing a gun at them.article continues below Trending Stories Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history An ocean of plastic changes everything even what we eat Vancouver police arrest gang member near Kelowna Indigenous tenants occupy 44 per cent of Vancouver modular homes RUN! Amin screamed. ( As reported in the news.

features: Former Vice-President Joe Biden is the only major contender still on the sidelines and has suggested he could remain there for several more weeks, according to Toronto Star. In this March 14, 2019, photo, former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke speaks to reporters after a meet and greet at the Beancounter Coffeehouse & Drinkery in Burlington, Iowa. The sprawling Democratic field features candidates ranging from 37 to 77 years old; liberals and moderates; senators, governors and mayors; and an unprecedented number of women and minorities. The contours of the Democratic presidential primary came into clearer focus this week with O Rourke s entry into the race. He narrowly lost the Senate race in conservative Texas in November but became a political celebrity in the process, demonstrating an easy connection with voters and an eye-popping ability to raise money from small donors. Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo The field has been awaiting O'Rourke's decision for months. ( As reported in the news.

mass immigration: Ranstorp told Swedish radio Friday that the New Zealand shooter, who killed at least 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch on Friday, claims to have been in contact with Breivik's sympathizers, according to CTV. On July 22, 2011, Breivik killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo and then opened fire at an island summer camp run by the left-wing Labor Party's youth wing, killing 69. Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish National Defence College says the shooter is against mass immigration and has to some extent the same themes as Anders Behring Breivik, who posted his 1,500-page manifesto online before carrying out his deadly attacks. He is serving a 21-year prison sentence. Storrvik was not immediately available for comment. Breivik's lawyer, Oeystein Storrvik, told Norway's VG newspaper that his client has very limited contacts with the surrounding world so it seems very unlikely that he has had contact. ( As reported in the news.

murder charge: Brenton Harrison Tarrant appeared in court Saturday morning amid strict security and showed no emotion when the judge read him one murder charge, according to CTV. The judge said it was reasonable to assume more such charges would follow. One man was arrested and charged with murder. Two other armed suspects were taken into custody while police tried to determine what role, if any, they played in the cold-blooded attack that stunned New Zealand, a country so peaceful that police officers rarely carry guns. It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, noting that many of the victims could be migrants or refugees. It was by far the deadliest shooting in modern New Zealand history. ( As reported in the news.

shooter: On Twitter, Ranstorp noted that the New Zealand shooter claimed he would leave prison after 27 years and likened himself to late South African President Nelson Mandela, saying he would get the Nobel Peace Prize, according to Toronto Star. TESSA BURROWS / AFP/GETTY IMAGES Ranstorp told Swedish radio Friday that the New Zealand shooter, who killed at least 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch on Friday, claims to have been in contact with Breivik's sympathizers. Magnus Ranstorp of the Swedish National Defence College says the shooter is against mass immigration and has to some extend the same themes as Anders Behring Breivik, who posted his 1,500-page manifesto online before carrying out his deadly attacks. On July 22, 2011, Breivik killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo and then opened fire at an island summer camp run by the left-wing Labor Party's youth wing, killing 69. Breivik's lawyer, Oeystein Storrvik, told Norway's VG newspaper that his client has very limited contacts with the surrounding world so it seems very unlikely that he has had contact. He is serving a 21-year prison sentence. ( As reported in the news.

twitter account: All people must be able to practice their faith freely and without fear, said the statement posted on Scheer's Twitter account, according to National Observer. There are no words strong enough to condemn this kind of vile hatred. Freedom has come under attack in New Zealand as peaceful worshippers are targeted in a despicable act of evil. I am praying for peace for the families of those lost and recovery for those injured. ; Scheer posted the same message on his Facebook page, but hours later issued a new statement that said his Conservative party was grieving with the Muslim community. But he failed to denounce the extreme elements at the rally, instead saying that he was standing with them and backing their fight. Scheer recently participated in a rally in Ottawa that included people with some extreme anti-immigrant and racist views, as well as supporters of pipelines. ( As reported in the news.

vancouver: In fact, the parent company is one of many creditors, according to Vancouver Courier. Robb added the settlement stipulated that Metro Vancouver allow the company to change its name to 00891775 B.C. Ltd., which the provincial court system will register when posting the Feb. 22, 2019, court order. Avoiding potentially millions of dollars in fines for emitting pungent odours across the region, Harvest Fraser Richmond Organics Ltd., a subsidiary of U.S. company Harvest Power, agreed in B.C. Provincial Court to pay 300,000 for polluting on Nov. 17 and Nov. 25, 2016, for violations of Metro Vancouver Regional District's air quality bylaw.article continues below Trending Stories Construction company sues Vancouver School Board for 10.9 million Hellenic Community of Vancouver cancels right-wing event as threats escalate Pets may help open Asian doors for B.C. pot companies Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history The two 150,000 fines are the biggest in Metro Vancouver history but are unlikely to be paid in full because of the way the parent company structured the subsidiary, said Ray Robb, Metro Vancouver's manager of air quality of enforcement. Robb said Metro Vancouver was to charge Harvest with dozens of counts of pollution, which carried fines of up to 1 million per day. But, said Robb, it was those two days that were a slam dunk for the district as there were environmental officers in the field collecting evidence, numerous complaints from Richmond residents were received and the wind didn't change all day, which made it easy to pinpoint the source of the odour. The district had evidence of pollution from Sept. 1, 2016, to Nov. 16, 2016, as well as the two days noted in the settlement. ( As reported in the news.

day celebration: Trump, who holds himself up as a master deal-maker, said he had given Prime Minister Theresa May his ideas on how she could negotiate a successful deal for leaving the 28-member group of nations, according to CTV. But she didn't listen to that and that's fine. I'm surprised at how badly it's all gone from the standpoint of a negotiation, he said. I mean she's got to do what she's got to do, he said at the White House as he welcomed Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for an early St. I think it could have been negotiated in a different manner, frankly, Trump said. Patrick's Day celebration. ( As reported in the news.

julie payette: Gov, according to CTV. Gen. The longtime anchor was recognized for her contributions to the broadcast news industry and various charitable endeavors during a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Thursday. Julie Payette presided over the event, which also acknowledged the achievements of 39 other Canadians. Four years later, she became an anchor. Takahashi began her career at CTV News in 1982 as a reporter for the television station then known as CFCF 12. ( As reported in the news.

signature policies: Ian Kucerak/Edmonton Sun/Postmedia Network files William Watson March 14, 20197 00 AM EDTLast Updated March 14, 20197 00 AM EDTFiled underFP Share this story William Watson Now we know how well Trudeau's Syrian refugees are doing, according to CBC. It's not good Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InRelated Stories Lawrence Solomon How robots will end mass-immigration policies and make workers happier Canada population explosion the biggest gain since 1957 fuelled by international migration Why Canada's immigration program misses the mark when it comes to filling jobs With the world now reconsidering Justin Trudeau, it's useful to update one of his very first signature policies the admission of 25,000 Syrian refugees in the opening months of his prime ministership. It's not good For government-assisted refugees, the employment rate is less than five per cent Supporters hold candles and signs during a Refugees Welcome rally held at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, Alta., on Tuesday September 8, 2015. We forget already how controversial that was signature grandstanding, many people thought and how the government at first had trouble meeting its self-imposed deadline. Unfortunately, the numbers are extremely preliminary 2016 census data for people who arrived in 2015 and early 2016. But the refugees eventually made it in and Statistics Canada recently published one of the first evaluations of how they're doing. ( As reported in the news.

texas congressman: In tiny Burlington, in southeast Iowa, he scaled a counter to be heard during an afternoon stop at a coffee shop, according to CTV. Let us not allow our differences to define us as at this moment, O'Rourke told a whooping crowd, his heels perched at the countertop's edge. The former Texas congressman began his campaign by taking his first ever trip to Iowa, the state that kicks off the presidential primary voting. History calls for us to come together. He took questions about his support of federal legalization of marijuana as well as the possibility of a universal basic income, all while characteristically waving his arms and gesticulating fervently. Earlier in the day, O'Rourke popped into a coffee shop in Keokuk while many cable networks aired live coverage. ( As reported in the news.

data-collection effort: Governments have been slow to gather information on the issue, according to Toronto Star. In 2016, B.C. started collecting data about the citizenship of real-estate purchasers. Denis Star Vancouver Donovan Vincent Housing Reporter Zane Woodford Star Halifax Tues., March 12, 2019 Across the country, overheated housing markets have brought more scrutiny on foreign ownership as people seek answers for the gap between home prices and local incomes. The following year, the federal government earmarked money for a data-collection effort by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Statistics Canada. Foreign buyers taxes were enacted in B.C. in 2016 and Ontario in 2017 as part of efforts by the respective provincial governments to cool overheated real-estate markets. Condo and office towers fill the downtown skyline in Vancouver. ( As reported in the news.

group: The Detroit Foundation Hotel is seen in Detroit, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, according to Toronto Star. The Detroit hotel has apologized to a group trying to raise money to build a wall along the border with Mexico after the group accused the hotel of discriminating against its members because they are supporters of President Donald Trump. Members of We Build The Wall were looking to stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because it is close to the Cobo Center, where the Florida-based group plans to hold an event Thursday featuring former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, veteran Brian Kolfage and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said Jennifer Lawrence, a spokeswoman for the non-profit. Members of We Build The Wall were looking to stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because it is close to the Cobo Center, where the Florida-based group plans to hold an event Thursday featuring former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, veteran Brian Kolfage and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said Jennifer Lawrence, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit. The group was encouraged to book rooms individually. Carlos Osorio / AP Photo The hotel initially offered the group a discounted rate for booking more than 20 rooms, but later withdrew the offer after the organization provided the names of its members who planned to stay there, Lawrence said. ( As reported in the news.

state department: There are about 70 employees in Great Britain, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, India, the Philippines, China and other countries, according to CTV. Collins says the agency will work closely with the State Department to avoid any interruptions to services overseas. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Jessica Collins said Tuesday that the agency is in preliminary discussions to close offices in 20 countries outside the United States. Organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights First criticized the move saying that closing international offices would mean fewer services for refugees. The agency says refugee processing won't be affected. ( As reported in the news.

carmen winant: These installations are presented in conjunction with exhibitions at the CONTACT Gallery and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, according to NOW Magazine. In addition to Weems, a selection of North American and international lens-based artists will present a diverse array of installations to activate public spaces throughout Toronto and in eight cities across Canada. Renowned American artist Carrie Mae Weems will create three separate site-specific installations at outdoor venues downtown, representing the first time she has shown her work at this scale in Canada. The list of artists includes Susan Dobson, Peter Funch, Esther Hovers, Sanaz Mazinani, Zinnia Naqvi, Mario Pfeifer, Bianca Salvo, Sputnik Photos, Nadine Stijns, Carmen Winant, and Elizabeth Zvonar. The Festival's Artistic Director Bonnie Rubenstein said, Carrie Mae Weems' dynamic images will be shown at high-profile locations including the street level windows of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, home of the Toronto International Film Festival. Venues will include a subway station, storefronts, corporate lobbies, outdoor recreation areas, shipping containers, and billboards. ( As reported in the news.

ethics laws: The Office also continues to gather information for any ongoing investigations, according to CTV. Dion had recently undertaken a probe into whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke federal ethics laws in relation to the ongoing SNC-Lavalin controversy. Despite these exceptional circumstances, the work of the office will continue, his director of communications Melanie Rushworth said in a statement. His office announced on Feb. 11 that he had launched an investigation in the case because he had reason to believe that a possible contravention of the Conflict of Interest Act has occurred, specifically regarding a public office holder seeking to improperly influence a decision of another person. Trudeau has denied any wrongdoing but has acknowledged that he and his staff could have acted differently as the scandal unfolded. Former justice minister and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould has alleged that she faced high-level veiled threats and sustained political interference from nearly a dozen senior officials between September and December 2018 to seek a deferred prosecution agreement for SNC-Lavalin. ( As reported in the news.

metres feet: The Associated Press has successfully broadcast the first multi-camera live signal in full broadcast quality from manned submersibles using optical video transmission techniques, in which the pictures transmit through the waves using the blue region of the electromagnetic spectrum, according to CTV. Previous real-time video transmissions from the world's deep oceans were livestreams sent from remotely operated unmanned subsea vehicles, with the video moving via fixed fiber optic cable. Monsoon storms and fierce underwater currents continued to present a challenge at greater depths as scientific work began in earnest on Tuesday off the Seychelles. The first transmission came from 60 metres 200 feet down. The new broadcast uses cutting-edge wireless technology, sending video optically through the waves. Previous deep-sea livestreams cataloguing the world's oceans have been via fiber-optic cable. ( As reported in the news.

telephone interview: Quindos Karanja said he had been looking forward to meeting his nine-month-old granddaughter Rubi Pauls -- believed to be the youngest Canadian victim -- when he learned of the tragedy, which also claimed the lives of his wife, daughter and two other grandchildren, according to CTV. It's just hard to accept that this has happened, he said in a telephone interview from Kenya on Tuesday. The grieving families of the 18 Canadians who died when the Ethiopian Airlines jetliner went down on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board, were still struggling to come to terms with what happened. I feel so much loss. I'm lonely. And pain. ( As reported in the news.

album naath: Musician Emmanuel Jal, once a child soldier in his native Sudan, now lives in Toronto, according to Toronto Star. He and his sister Nyaruch, who continues to live in a refugee camp in Kenya, managed to collaborate for the album Naath. Peter Gabriel. The album is nominated for a JUNO as World Music Album of the Year. Peter Gabriel found out about the link and added his donation. Rick Madonik / Toronto Star That was a shock, says dreadlocked rapper Jal, 39, during an interview in the living room of his west-end Toronto home. ( As reported in the news.

caregiver immigration: Groups that represent and work with migrant workers say they welcome many of the announced changes, but questions remain about whether restrictive requirements to achieve permanent residency will remain, according to CTV. The program allowing temporary foreign workers is meant to help employers fill job vacancies when Canadians are not available. Last month, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced two new five-year pilot projects on caregiver immigration, which have been billed as a way to allow caregivers to come to Canada with their families and offering them greater opportunity to become permanent residents. The government is supposed to make sure employers use the program to respond only to real labour shortages, but concerns have been raised repeatedly over the years about migrant workers' being tied to employers who have abused them by making them work long hours, cutting their paycheques with arbitrary fees and offering poor living conditions. Kara Manso, the co-ordinator of the Caregivers Action Centre in Toronto, says her office has been flooded with queries from foreign workers looking for more details about whether they will qualify for these new programs. Workers who care for children or frail people can be vulnerable because they labour mainly in private homes, though they aren't the only ones affected. ( As reported in the news.

dixit: All 157 passengers and crew members on board the plane were killed in the crash, according to CTV. CP24 and CTV News Toronto spoke to Manant Vaidya and his wife Hiral Vaidya about the loss of his parents, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. Ashka Dixit, 14, and Anushka Dixit, 13, were on a family vacation with their parents, 37-year-old Kosha Vaidya and 45-year-old Preit Dixit and their grandparents, 73-year-old Pannagesh Vaidya and 67-year-old Hansini Vaidya when an Ethiopian Airlines plane went down shortly after departing from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The couple said their family members were on a trip to Kenya during the March break as Kosha Vaidya wanted to show her daughters where she grew up. With the March break this was the perfect oppourtunity for them to show them. She wanted to show her daughter where she was born where she was delivered in the hospital and the safari was the place they were going to go enjoy the animals, Manant Vaidya said while holding back tears inside their home. ( As reported in the news.

trump: That's alongside steep cuts in health care and economic support programs for the poor that Democrats -- and even some Republicans -- will oppose, according to CTV. Trump on Monday called his plan a bold next step for a nation experiencing an economic miracle. Reviving his border wall fight with Congress, Trump wants more than 8 billion for the barrier with Mexico, and he's also asking for a big boost in military spending. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called his cuts cruel and shortsighted ... a roadmap to a sicker, weaker America. The deficit is projected to hit 1.1 trillion in the 2020 fiscal year, the highest in a decade. Presidential budgets tend to be seen as aspirational blueprints, rarely becoming enacted policy, and Trump's proposal for the new fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, sets up a showdown with Congress over priorities, especially as he reignites his push for money to build the U.S-Mexico border wall. ( As reported in the news.

addis ababa: It accounts for the nationalities of 150 of the 157 people believed to have been on board, according to Toronto Star. Wreckage lies at the scene of an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff at Hejere near Bishoftu, or Debre Zeit, some 50 kilometers 31 miles south of Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia Sunday, March 10, 2019. Here is the latest list of nationalities as released by the airline. The Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff from Ethiopia's capital on Sunday morning, killing all 157 on board, authorities said, including 18 Canadians. AP / THE CANADIAN PRESS Kenya 32Canada 18Ethiopia 9Article Continued Below China 8Italy 8United States 8France 7UK 7Egypt 6Germany 5Article Continued Below India 4Slovakia 4Austria 3Russia 3Sweden 3Spain 2Israel 2Morocco 2Poland 2Belgium 1Djibouti 1Indonesia 1Ireland 1Mozambique 1Norway 1Rwanda 1Saudi Arabia 1Sudan 1Somalia 1Serbia 1Togo 1Uganda 1Yemen 1Nepal 1Nigeria 1U.N. passport 1Report an error Journalistic Standards About The StarTOP STORIES, DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX.NEW NEWSLETTERHEADLINESSIGN UP ( As reported in the news.