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jean yip: One of the posts, detailing the Liberals' promise to ban all military-style assault rifles, clearly notes that the ad is authorized by the official agent for Jean Yip, a Liberal candidate in Toronto's Scarborough Agincourt riding, according to CTV. Yip's campaign manager confirmed that they were responsible for sharing the gun reform ad on WeChat with an important caveat -- the ad was not paid for. 50 per cent of our constituents use this platform as a form of communication, Elizabeth Betowski, Yip's campaign manager, told by phone Tuesday. CTV News obtained screenshots of what appear to be two political ads pushed to users on the social media app, both discussing the Liberal gun reform platform. This wasn't a paid advertisement, but it was posted to several groups. This requirement applies to any English-language platform that has at least three million unique visitors, or 100,000 unique visitors if the site's content is a language other than English or French. Changes to election advertising rules passed under Bill C-76 requires social media platforms to create a registry of all digital ads published and paid for by third parties and political parties, including ads paid for by nominated and prospective candidates. ( As reported in the news.

canadian side: They said the four adults and three children, one of them an infant, were treated like criminals while held in custody over the past two weeks, according to CTV. They were deported on Wednesday, as video obtained by CTV News purportedly sheds light on their movements the night they were detained. Members of the extended Connors family said they took a detour onto an unmarked road to avoid an animal and found themselves in Washington state on Oct. 2. The grainy black-and-white surveillance video, which came from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, shows a van slowly crossing a shallow ditch from the Canadian side of the border to the U.S. side at night, a process which takes several seconds. Officials also said two of the adults in the family had been refused entry to the United States last year, though they didn't elaborate on why. Border officials allege it was the Connors family's vehicle, and that officers found 16,000 and less than three grams of cannabis inside. ( As reported in the news.

estate: B.C. real estate Full coverage including reports, interactive map When broken down into homeowners and renters, it appears those who don't own are feeling the most stressed, according to CTV. Ninety-three per cent of renters cited a negative impact. A recent survey conducted by real estate listings site Zoocasa suggested nearly 84 per cent of Canadians say housing affordability is negatively impacting them. Still, 80 per cent of those who own said the same. Looking at all 1,300 people polled online in September, nearly all agreed that the cost of buying a home is rising faster than income. Of those homeowners, two-thirds said they felt they couldn't afford the home they currently live in if they had to buy it today, and about half said they felt their housing costs since buying have increased faster than their salaries. ( As reported in the news.

william james: The prime minister gave an update to cabinet on the progress in the ongoing Brexit talks, he said there was a chance of securing a good deal but we are not there yet, and there remain outstanding issues, the spokesman said, according to Rabble. Reporting by William James; writing by Alistair Smout; editing by Kate Holton The spokesman said that there remained outstanding issues in agreeing the deal, adding that talks with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party were ongoing. ( As reported in the news.

meghan murphy: We are shocked that our public institutions we hold in regard would allow Murphy to have a platform while purporting to uphold community values, according to Vancouver Courier. More than that, we feel betrayed, the petition reads. An online petition that had gathered more than 2,500 signatures by Wednesday afternoon says the library is providing a platform for Meghan Murphy to spread hate speech.article continues below Trending Stories These are the Vancouver ridings to watch in the 2019 federal election Strike ends at Vancouver Hyatt, Westin Bayshore and Pinnacle hotels Molson Coors, Hexo to launch CBD-infused water, THC drinks later this year Here's who's running in Vancouver in the 2019 federal election The petition, started by authors Alicia Elliott, Catherine Hernandez and Carrianne Leung, says the publishing professionals who sign it will no longer participate in events at the library if the talk is allowed to go ahead on Oct. 29. Offering Murphy a platform means denying the resources and promise of safe and equitable space to trans communities. Several other authors, including novelist and poet Zoe Whittall and cartoonist Kate Beaton, tweeted their support for the petition. Hernandez said she had moved her book launch, scheduled for this Sunday, to a local bookstore. ( As reported in the news.

day: Also, it is for the gullible domestic audience and to deflect attention from the tanking economy, according to Rabble. To keep up with the rabble rousers of his party and trying to be relevant, he is now spewing venom against Pakistan day in and day out. ( As reported in the news.

canada: Not! one of the messages says, according to CTV. And no, we don't want your Sharia law here in Canada, ever. Oh great another Muslim entering politics, how unique. You can fool the useful idiots but you can't fool us all. Researchers say millions of online messages will be sent to candidates running in this federal election. The only reason the left is siding with the Muslims is that they hate Christianity. ( As reported in the news.

leigh thomas: He accused Washington of allowing and strengthening the Turkish offensive because of its decision to unilaterally withdraw 1,000 troops from Syria, according to Rabble. Reporting by John Irish; Editing by Leigh Thomas This is devastating for our security with the inevitable resurgence of Islamic State in northeastern Syria and probably also northwest Iraq and so the destabilisation of a government that doesn't need that, Edouard Phillipe told parliamentary questions. ( As reported in the news.

record number: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily update on the campaign That left Trudeau and Singh to fight for the largest slice of the federal electoral pie voters who aren't committed Conservatives, and who are often labelled progressive, according to CTV. One significant electoral fact emerged Tuesday a record number of Canadians took part in advance polls during the four days of early voting that closed Monday night. Scheer's optimism contrasted with several polls that suggested his party was deadlocked with the Liberals in minority-government territory, and with the NDP rising nationally and the Bloc Quebecois on the uptick in Quebec. Elections Canada said 4.7 million Canadians voted early, a 29 per cent increase from the 2015 campaign. Back on the campaign trail, Trudeau and Singh blasted Scheer as their common opponent in separate attacks. It noted that that figure was an estimate because not all polls had reported, and it hoped to have a detailed breakdown by province, territory and riding later this week. ( As reported in the news.

briefing clackson: The couple testified they thought their son had croup and used herbal remedies to treat him, according to National Observer. They called for an ambulance when he stopped breathing, but he later died in hospital. Last month, Justice Terry Clackson acquitted David and Collet Stephan of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of 19-month-old Ezekiel, who died in 2012. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Clackson sided with the defence expert who said the toddler died of a lack of oxygen, not bacterial meningitis as reported by the original medical examiner, Dr. The relief sought is that the acquittal be set aside and a conviction entered or a new trial be ordered, reads the appeal, filed Friday in a Calgary court. Bamidele Adeagbo. ( As reported in the news.

shot glasses: Only then could relatives be accepted as Facebook friends, according to Vancouver Courier. Social media users are now ubiquitous all over the country. It was time for young Canadians to scrap all those photographs where they found themselves surrounded by shot glasses or bongs, as well as anything that may have seemed remotely lewd. In the middle of a federal electoral campaign, the influence of these platforms in shaping the perceptions of voters is undeniable. When it comes to the past of political contenders, innuendo has taken the place of reasoned analysis. We have seen poll findings become shareable memes that purport to show wide support for a policy, even if the questionnaire's options or data collection were subpar. ( As reported in the news.

vancouver jail: Last month, Justice Terry Clackson acquitted David and Collet Stephan of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of 19-month-old Ezekiel, who died in 2012.article continues below Trending Stories Before and after Vancouver jail turned into apartments Here's who's running in Vancouver in the 2019 federal election Multi-million dollar school projects highlighted in Vancouver Vancouver mayor Andrew Scheer as prime minister would be 'disaster for city'The couple testified they thought their son had croup and used herbal remedies to treat him, according to Vancouver Courier. They called for an ambulance when he stopped breathing, but he later died in hospital. The Crown is appealing the not guilty verdict in the case of an Alberta couple charged with not seeking medical attention sooner for their sick son. Clackson sided with the defence expert who said the toddler died of a lack of oxygen, not bacterial meningitis as reported by the original medical examiner, Dr. The relief sought is that the acquittal be set aside and a conviction entered or a new trial be ordered, reads the appeal, filed Friday in a Calgary court. Bamidele Adeagbo. ( As reported in the news.

aaron dean: Earlier in the day he resigned from the force, and the police chief said he would have been fired if he hadn't, according to CTV. Police bodycam video showed Dean approaching the door of the home where Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was caring for her 8-year-old nephew early Saturday. Aaron Dean, 34, was jailed Monday night on 200,000 bond after being charged with murder in a shooting that began with a call about an open front door. He then walked around the side of the house, pushed through a gate into the fenced-off backyard and fired through the glass a split-second after shouting at Jefferson to show her hands. Nobody looked at this video and said that there's any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately, Kraus said. Dean was not heard identifying himself as police on the video, and Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus said there was no sign Dean or the other officer who responded even knocked on the front door. ( As reported in the news.

business owner: To a person, his supporters echoed his words sometimes literally, according to Rabble. It's just a lot of fake news, as Donald Trump would say, said Sean Maguire, a small business owner who was was wearing a red Make America Great Again baseball cap, and carrying a large black umbrella, as he entered the rally amid a downpour. The president had dismissed the accusations as a witch hunt a conspiracy hatched by the media and political opponents to target him. Because it is a 100 per cent witch hunt. All they have tried to do is impeach him. They have not let him be our president for the last three years. ( As reported in the news.

bust-your-union line: Still, it turns out this duplication of government services is not worthy of the attention of the Ministry of Red Tape, according to Rabble. Who knew The intent of the Employee Labour Relations Support Program is to give Albertans access to labour relations information, and in some cases, supports or advice, said an unsigned email response to my query. Leastways, the nascent Bust-Your-Union Line that was announced by United Conservative Party Labour Minister Jason Copping on October 1 did respond to my query about how it was different from the Alberta Labour Relations Board, which has provided neutral information about labour relations matters to anyone who called its officials for as long as anyone can remember. The Labour Relations Board manages day-to-day operations, and may answer questions primarily related to process of applications before the Board, the anonymous responder continued carefully. Really Someone from the Labour Board would always help out most callers with any reasonable question in the past with neutral, factual information. The Employee Labour Relations Support Program may respond to a broader array of questions about the Labour Relations Code and other labour legislation in Alberta. ( As reported in the news.

cuts sign: Today, the party offered up details on how it would return the federal budget to balance by 2024-25 by spending less than what it would amass in revenue and savings through cuts, according to CTV. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update The platform titled Andrew Scheer's Plan For You To Get Ahead spans 103 pages and includes chapters on jobs, climate change, and a wide spanning section called more help at home that outlines the Conservatives' plan for ethics, immigration, firearms, health, privacy, veterans and more. Over the course of the campaign which is now nearing the finish line the Conservatives have rolled out a series of promises, many being new affordability-focused tax cuts and credits. The package comes the day after the final leaders' debate of the campaign, and with 10 days to go until all ballots are cast. While already announced, the Conservatives say they are committed to balancing the budget in five years. It combines already-unveiled commitments made by Scheer over the course of the election, as well as offering up new information on the party's position going forward on other topics. ( As reported in the news.

eisenhower theater: Still, over the 2 hours it burns up in the Eisenhower Theater, the musical reveals only that it is dispiritingly flat-footed, according to Rabble. Aside from the inclusion of a few pop hits from the 1984 date-night flick on which it is based, Footloose, choreographed by Spencer Liff and directed by Walter Bobbie, who also staged the original production, comes across as singularly undistinguished. Well, one would have to posit that this was not the intention in the arts center's affectionately energetic concert revival of a 1998 show that ran for a year and a half on Broadway and garnered zero Tony awards. Not offensive, not intolerable, just relentlessly bland a vanilla concoction lacking anything approaching a bona fide sugar high. Each season, the program revives three musicals of various pedigrees and ages, the organizing principle being simply a roster of shows with some strong whiff of showbiz merit, or better, and the ability to strike a positive popular chord.ADADHow the Kennedy Center's theater chief sniffs out Broadway-worthy winners The previous seasons have offered some inspired restagings, such as the sizzling The Who's Tommy that director-choreographer Josh Rhodes conjured earlier this year. The production launches the third installment of the Kennedy Center's Broadway Center Stage series, and it's the first real misfire. ( As reported in the news.

jobs report: Some of the U.S. excitement from a partial trade deal between the world's two largest economies has been absorbed by a strong rise in the loonie in reaction to a healthy jobs report, along with a sizable dip in gold stocks that represent an important share of the Canadian stock market, said Patrick Blais, senior portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Management, according to CTV. Part of the underperformance is related to just our currency going up and therefore the equity markets not reacting as much because a rising currency is usually not a good thing for equities, he said in an interview. The S&P/TSX composite index lost half a per cent on the day compared with 1.2 to 1.4 per cent gains by the three New York stock markets. The Canadian dollar traded for an average of 75.77 cents US, the highest level in a month and more than a half cent above the average of 75.22 cents US on Thursday. In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 319.92 points at 26,816.59. The S&P/TSX composite index closed down 7.52 points at 16,415.16, lower than where it ended a week ago. ( As reported in the news.

social-media tips: Here's what you need to know including social-media tips below When are advance polls open From 9 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 11 to 9 p.m, according to CTV. Monday, October 14. There is a way to beat the lineups on Oct. 21 let's be optimistic about voter turnout by exercising your democratic right to vote early at the advance polls, which are now open. By now, you should have received your voter information card in the mail. Or, you can use Elections Canada's Voter Information Service. It tells you where and when to vote. ( As reported in the news.

steel trenches: Before his 7 30 a.m. shift at the Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen on Murray Street, he'll sometimes stop at Walmart to buy food supplies even with his own money walk by the rabble of homeless, and join his volunteer crew in the stainless steel trenches, according to Rabble. Same story, for 27 years, without a nickel of pay. Tony Caldwell / Postmedia Share Adjust Comment PrintA couple of days a week, Bhagwan Gupta 82, with both knees replaced rises before dawn and prepares to leaves his comfortable west-end home to serve people who have nothing, and are nothing like him. In a selfish, thankless world, he's very clear-eyed about exactly what he's doing, and why he is feeding the poor, if not his own soul. Help ever, hurt never', Gupta said one day this week, quoting a Hindu spiritual master in the Sai Baba tradition. I strongly believe love all, serve all. ( As reported in the news.

stories scheer: Trending Stories Scheer defends Conservative Chinese Facebook ads saying Trudeau will legalize hard drugs Trudeau wears protective vest after security concern delays Liberal rally in Toronto Popular Videos Federal Election Trudeau wears protective vest, increased security at Mississauga rally Edmonton teen shot in north side robbery More from Global News Quebec inquiry investigating treatment of Indigenous people calls for apology Edmonton soldier charged with arson, attempted murder of her 3 childrenif data Layer data Layer.push event Cliff Cullen says he has requested the RCMP look at both the circumstances surrounding the death and an investigation into the case by Brandon city police.CBC reported this week 30-year-old Christine Mitchell overdosed in July on a mixture of heroin and other opioids, and that she had been staying at the home of Rod Sage for almost five years, according to Brandon Sun. Sage is Brandon's chief administrative officer and also a non-voting member of the Brandon police board. Global News File comments Leave a comment facebook Share this item whatsapp Share this item via Whats App twitter Share this item on Twitter email Send this page to someone via email more Share this item more Share this item Smaller font Descrease article font size-A Larger font Increase article font sizeA Share this item facebook Share this item via Whats App whatsapp Share this item on Twitter twitter Send this page to someone via email email Share this item on Pinterest pinterest Share this item on Linked In linkedin Share this item on Reddit reddit Copy article link Copy link Manitoba's justice minister has asked Mounties to review a fatal overdose of a woman who had been reportedly living at the home of a top official with the City of Brandon. Sage said he met Mitchell when she was struggling with addiction and mental health issues, and he offered her a place to stay. This is why we've asked the RCMP to review the circumstances around this situation, Cullen said Thursday. Story continues below advertisement var gn AdSettings gn AdSettings ads ; function gn 'sizes' 300,250 'biddable' true, 'id' gpt-ad-300250-10 'lazy' true, 'targeting' 'pos' 10 ; ; Brandon man charged with animal cruelty Cullen said he called in the RCMP because the case involves a city official and police board member. ( As reported in the news.

water quality: There's a great potential for the problems to occur where people have the least ability to cope with it, said Elena Bennett, who studies ecological systems at McGill University and is one of the paper's 21 co-authors, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing The team considered three ways in which humans depend on nature. The results, published Thursday in the journal Science, raise troubling questions about who will be able to adapt in a shifting, less dependable world. Many crops around the world are pollinated through healthy insect and bird populations; shorelines are protected from erosion and storm surges by coral reefs and coastal marshes; and water quality is protected by filtering swamps and wetlands. Elsewhere, however, people still rely on nature. In some places, those benefits are provided through technology such as flood infrastructure or water treatment, or simply by buying food on the global market instead of growing it locally. ( As reported in the news.

bill chambers: All children are innocent and punishing them where they were born or what circumstance they were born in is not our way, said Bill Chambers, the group's CEO. We believe they should be brought home and kept safe, according to CTV. The children are largely based in Al-Hawl, a refugee camp about 100 kilometres southeast of the border region where the Turkish incursion is underway. Save the Children Canada, which has aid workers on the ground in Syria, said the kids are largely the offspring of Islamic State militants, and some of them are orphans, while others have only one parent. Many of the children have family members in Canada, Chambers said. There are over two dozen detention facilities in northeastern Syria. Turkey began a military offensive Wednesday into northern Syria against U.S.-backed Kurdish-led fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces who are holding more than 10,000 Islamic State militants, including some 2,000 foreigners. ( As reported in the news.

management: The road will be there for many many years and I can tell my daughter, 'See mommy built that', said Li in an interview with CTV National's Vanessa Lee, according to CTV. The 35-year-old arrived in Quebec from Tianjin, China in 2007, with two suitcases and a diploma in computer sciences. Shengnan Li is helping make inroads for the massive five-year project by operating an articulated dump truck, transporting materials to and from the site. She intended to earn a master's degree in management. I'm a girl who likes action and to try new things and some adventures and then I realized that management is not for me, she laughed. But two weeks before graduation, she says she had a change of heart. ( As reported in the news.

restaurant: As a result of numerous hate messages & death threats we've received over the past week, we've decided to permanently close our shop, a statement posted on Soufi's Instagram account said, according to CTV. On Wednesday morning, CTV News Toronto learned Paramount Fine Foods founder and CEO Mohamad Fakih spoke with a member of the Al-Soufi family and offered to help them reopen. Soufi's, a well-known Queen West restaurant operated by a Syrian family who recently immigrated to Canada, announced on Tuesday they would be permanently closed to maintain their safety. Speaking together inside the restaurant on Thursday, Fakih and the Al-Soufi family announced the restaurant would reopen on Friday under the management of Paramount Fine Foods. CTV News Toronto I'm happy to share with you great news, Fakih said. Paramount Fine Foods founder and CEO Mohamad Fakih is seen in this photo. ( As reported in the news.

case study: Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing But because the fake story appears to originate inside Canada rather than from a foreign power, the federal government's anti-election-meddling panel which hasn't spoken publicly about the rumour is unlikely to tackle it, experts consulted by National Observer said, according to National Observer. It's a case study for a crucial gap in Canada's defences against disinformation on the campaign trail. The false information snowballed, passing from a gossip rag to Twitter to the darkest corners of Reddit to Facebook.A website known for false Canadian news stories published an article dubiously claiming the rumours were correct, which quickly spread to nearly 25 million people and counting, according to the social media monitoring tool Crowd Tangle. Misinformation is probably going to be spread by domestic actors rather than foreign actors, said Fenwick McKelvey, a communications professor at Concordia University who studies rumours of a Justin Trudeau sex scandal went viral. For weeks amid the chaos of the campaign trail, unfounded rumours about Trudeau have circulated around his departure from West Point Grey Academy, the elite private school in Vancouver where the Liberal leader taught for a few years before leaving in 2001. Canada's election-integrity law doesn't have a mechanism to stop it. cdnpoli elxn43 We don't have a good voters will head to the polls for the federal election on Oct. 21. ( As reported in the news.