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family farm: Trudeaumania 2.0 Another Syrian newcomer family names son after Justin Trudeau Syrian teens find refuge on Calgary soccer pitch Six-year-old Aisha loves to water the radishes on her family farm, according to CBC. Her father, Mohamed El Daher, and mother, Nhema, grew up on farms in Syria. Now they just need to find someone who wants it. They came to Calgary as refugees with three young kids and finally have found themselves farming again. Mohamed El Daher says the family has been working a plot of land northeast of the Calgary Airport for the last couple of months and now they are looking for a way to share it. Every day, every day, El Daher said of the work. ( As reported in the news.

head i: I said, Please don't be too nice,' Trump told a group of federal, state and local officers in Brentwood, N.Y., address focused on the MS-13 gang, according to Toronto Star. Like when you guys put somebody in the car, and you're protecting their head the way you put the hand over like, don't hit their head, and they've just killed somebody, don't hit their head I said, You can take the hand away, OK ' His remarks were greeted with a brief moment of silence, then laughter and applause. When you see these towns, and you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon you just see 'em thrown in, rough. Read More Trump forces out embattled adviser Reince Priebus, as White House chaos grows Article Continued Below The local police force, however, issued an official rejection of Trump's guidance, writing on Twitter As a department, we do not and will not tolerate roughing up of prisoners. react-text 158 Donald Trump was speaking close to where the MS-13 street gang has committed a number of murders. This is the bedrock principle behind the concepts of procedural justice and police legitimacy, the statement concluded. react-empty 168 Trump made law and order a centrepiece of his campaign, and he has long called for a merciless approach to crime that dispenses with political correctness. His administration has moved to reduce federal scrutiny of rights abuses in local police forces. /react-text TOM BRENNER / NYT And the police chiefs' association released a statement saying law enforcement officers are trained to treat all individuals, whether they are a complainant, suspect, or defendant, with dignity and respect. ( As reported in the news.

health conditions: The aim of the program is to increase the number of detainee visits each year, requiring the CRC to conduct up to 86 site visits annually, primarily focusing on the most vulnerable, including unaccompanied minors and individuals with medical and mental health conditions, Goodale said, according to CBC. Immigration detention system is legal, though not always applied perfectly judge'Last resort' Why Canada indefinitely jails immigration detainees, including kids There are about 325 to 425 individuals detained under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act at any given time, according to government statistics. The two-year contract between the Canada Border Services Agency CBSA and the CRC will include regular visits throughout the year to detention facilities across Canada where immigration detainees are held, the government said. The Canadian Red Cross Detention Monitoring Program aims to contribute to an environment in which all people who are detained in Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are treated humanely and are held in accordance with national and international standards, Conrad Sauv president and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross, said in a statement. Not an improvement' However, Toronto-based immigration lawyer Barbara Jackman slammed the CRC's past record as useless. As a neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian organization, ongoing access to facilities and detainees is essential in carrying out our mandate to monitor conditions of detention. ( As reported in the news.

immigration tribunal: In 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency initiated the revocation of Wang's permanent resident status claiming he was inadmissible for allegedly engaging in espionage activities for the Military Intelligence Bureau MIB Taiwan's spy agency, and China's Ministry of State Security MSS . According to border enforcement officials' submissions to the immigration tribunal, Wang was offered money by a Taiwanese student Mak at York to provide information on the Chinese government, according to Toronto Star. Over the course of time, he was alleged to have received 3,000 for his services. Yang Wang, 39, came to Canada from China as an international student in 1998, first at Seneca College and later at York University, before he became a permanent resident here in 2006. When Wang visited China in 2006, Canadian authorities claimed, he was taken to a motel by Chinese agents and later kept in touch with the MSS agents up until 2010. I have never been a spy. Article Continued Below This is totally wrong, Wang, a small businessman in recycling and father of two, told the Star in an interview. ( As reported in the news.

language english: The video will be translated into five languages Arabic, Persian, Mandarin, Spanish and French, according to CBC. P.E.I. grants aimed at helping prevent violence against women Silent march against family violence marks 8th year across P.E.I. 1M fundraiser launched for P.E.I. Family Violence Prevention Services Reaching out to potential victims Danya O'Malley, the executive director of FVPS, said the video will help victims become more familiar with the services FVPS offers, including Anderson House shelter. Family Violence Prevention Services is creating a new video aimed at introducing people whose first language isn't English to its services. The hope is that people can watch and listen and become more familiar with our services, what we offer, how to access our services and what to expect when you stay in the shelter, said O'Malley. We've done a few different projects where we've trained interpreters that work with the newcomers association and we've had various resources translated into different languages, said O'Malley. O'Malley said there is a need for these resources in newcomer communities, and that translation is often needed. ( As reported in the news.

settler mentality: For the most part, Canadians have been welcoming to newcomers who resemble them, according to Rabble. More recently however, we like to think that our hearts and arms are open to anyone fleeing the ravages of famine, war, and persecution. Some of us feel more entitled to be here than others depending on our country of origin, how many generations of ancestors we can claim, and our ability to integrate into what has historically been a white, British based colonial society. But, have we really evolved from our settler mentality and transformed into a truly welcoming, caring, accepting society We Are Not The Others is a unique play based on a two-year research project conducted by Mirna Carranza. Etemadi used the women's voices to breathe life into their experiences of immigration, trauma, loss, mental health, assimilation, resiliency, disappointment and hope for a better life in Canada. After Carranza interviewed female immigrants living in Hamilton, playwright Izad Etemadi crafted the findings into a powerful one hour play. ( As reported in the news.

african nation: The captain and eight crew members spent two days in detention before Turkish Cypriot authorities halted their probe and ordered them deported Thursday, according to Metro News. But Defend Europe spokeswoman Alessia Uanetto denied the boat was carrying immigrants trying to reach Italy illegally. The Sri Lankans informed Turkish Cypriot authorities that the ship picked them up from the east African nation of Djibouti, Pasha told The Associated Press. She said the 20 were apprentice sailors who were bribed by non-governmental organizations at the airport in north Cyprus to claim they were asylum-seekers. She refused to identify the nationalities of the 20, but said five individuals claimed they were refugees. Uanetto told the AP that 15 of them refused the alleged bribes and boarded planes in north Cyprus to return home because their apprenticeships had ended. ( As reported in the news.

bill c: Earlier that month, 174 East Indian refugees, mostly Sikhs, landed on Nova Scotia's south shore, sparking national debate about the nation's immigration laws, according to CBC. Protesters were pushing to get a new immigration law in place quickly and were hopeful the upcoming Bill C-55 would be more stringent about who can claim refugee status. Roughly a dozen citizens picketed the legislature building on July 26, 1987 and spoke to passersby about how those claiming refugee status can bypass the usual channels of entrance to Canada. A woman signs a petition about Canada's immigration laws in 1987. CBC's Rick Boguski went to the legislature to hear picketers' concerns firsthand. CBC The group may have been small, but in just two days had managed to collect 500 signatures of other Canadians who worried that Canada's immigration laws needed a revamp. ( As reported in the news.

family members: And it turns out we had the perfect candidate for our test the mother-in-law of CTV's Christina Heydanus, according to CTV. Gayle Lawrenson's mother was adopted and she knew little about her past, other than she was born at Victoria General Hospital in 1929. But can a simple saliva test really determine your ethnic background and match you to family members you didn't know you had AncestryDNA approached McLaughlin on Your Side to try out its product, which promises to give you insight into your bloodline, ethnicity and family tree. My grandparents got a little uncomfortable with her digging, I guess, for the information so that's where she stopped, explained Lawrenson. Weeks later, we sat down with to get Lawreson's results. You're too busy when you're young to think about these things, but as I get older I kind of have a little bit more of an interest to look back, Lawrenson followed the instructions on the AncestryDNA kit, which costs 129, and took a saliva sample, which was shipped off for testing. ( As reported in the news.

festival: Beyond food safety training, this is the first year that the festival has undertaken the initiative to make sure every cultural pavilion gets equipment and environmental training, according to Metro News. It's the simple things that quite often festivals forget not our festival that the volunteers aren't professionals in what they do, he added. We're training them on their rights to know, and how to be safe, and be sure if they're using any kind of equipment that they've been trained in how to use it properly, said Folklorama president Avrom Charach. So we just want to make sure that they all learn how to do it right and everybody will go home happy. Return of the pavilion The First Nations Pavilion is back this year at the RBC Convention Centre in the North Building. Folklorama is in its 48th year, and will be running from August 6 to 19. ( As reported in the news.

greek islands.a: The Commission said the new funding more than doubles the emergency support extended to Greece for the refugee crisis, bringing it to a total of 401 million euros, according to Metro News. The rental project is in co-operation with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and will provide 22,000 rental places with the aim of increasing the number of refugees living in rented apartments to 30,000 by the end of the year, including 2,000 places on Greek islands.A parallel scheme worth 57.6 million euros will provide refugees and asylum seekers with monthly cash stipends distributed through cash-cards for expenses such as transport, food and medication. The 209 million-euro 243 million package includes a 151 million-euro program to help refugee families rent accommodation in Greek cities and provide them with money in an effort to help them move out of refugee camps, EU officials said during a visit to Athens. The projects launched today are one part of our wider support to the country but also to those in need of our protection, said Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos. Around 1.3 billion euros of EU funds are at the disposal of Greece for the management of the migration crisis. ( As reported in the news.

jackson square: He rides it to Jackson Square, where he gets groceries for himself and his brother, according to CBC. They both arrived in Hamilton as Syrian refugees in December 2015. He rides it to Dundas, where he has a part-time job. He rides it to the lake, and to see friends, and just to check out the city. Al Kurdi is one of more than 60 Syrian refugees using Hamilton Bike Share bikes as their primary method of transportation as part of the Everyone Rides initiative. I use it every day, for everywhere, he said. ( As reported in the news.

montreal canadiens: The 38-year-old said on a conference call on Thursday that he will play in the KHL and possibly the Winter Olympics next season after failing to reach agreement on a new deal with Montreal, according to Toronto Star. Markov said he was not interested in skating for any other NHL club than Montreal, where he played 990 games and put up numbers that placed him among the best defencemen in the storied club's history. David Zalubowski / The Associated Press By The Canadian Press Thu., July 27, 2017 MONTREAL After 16 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, defenceman Andrei Markov is heading back to Russia. And he did not rule out returning to the Canadiens or to the NHL one day. I made it clear at the end of the season that I wanted to stay with the Montreal Canadiens for the rest of my career. It is tough, he said. ( As reported in the news.

services: The program is now set to continue until at least mid-November, according to CBC. In a statement, B.C. Attorney General David Eby thanked his federal counterparts for the cash infusion, which will keep the program running at least temporarily. The services provided by the Legal Services Society, were set to be suspended on August 1st due to a lack of funding. Legal aid and equal access to justice for all in British Columbia is a top priority for me and for Premier Horgan, Eby wrote in a statement. In June, officials with Legal Services Society said the number of claims had increased by 145 per cent over the past three years, but it had not received an increase in federal funding to continue the program. We appreciate the work of Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould who secured additional short-term federal funding which provides a solution at least until the fall. ( As reported in the news.

syrian government: She also lamented that the UN has delivered aid to only a few hard-to-reach areas in Syria and not a single besieged location this month -- and she blamed the Syrian government, armed groups, insecurity and fighting, according to CTV. For those displaced in Raqqa province, she said humanitarian conditions are very difficult with temperatures now approaching 50 degrees Celsius 122 degrees Fahrenheit . The United Nations also has serious concerns over their protection, particularly over their freedom of movement outside the camps many now live in, she said. Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Ursula Mueller told the UN Security Council in a video briefing from Amman, Jordan, that an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 people remain inside Raqqa city, which is now encircled, and their situation is perilous -- there is no way for them to get out. Leaving the city of Raqqa remains extremely difficult due to the presence of mines and other unexploded ordnance, as well as shelling, sniper activities and airstrikes, Mueller said. Mueller said the UN and its partners are ready to support people from Raqqa as soon as security allows it and they can gain access. As military operations continue, our concern is further civilian casualties, she said, especially since Islamic State fighters have allegedly used civilians as human shields. ( As reported in the news.

telephone interview: They could change the name the way other street names have been changed, Paul said in a telephone interview, according to The Chronicle Herald. It is a straightforward, expedient process and they can just make a decision, he said. The process to name or rename features such as buildings, streets, municipal parks and statues is typically the responsibility of city and regional governments. Council meets Aug. 1, a few days before the Natal Day weekend Instead, Halifax Regional Council voted in April to create an expert panel to examine and make recommendations on the issue of commemorating Cornwallis on Halifax Regional Municipality properties that bear his name. The Mi'kmaq want Cornwallis's name expunged from the city because of a 1749 bounty on scalps that included women and children as well as men, Paul said. Paul said he expects to be invited to sit on the committee even though I don't think it's necessary to have a committee recommendation in order to do the right thing. ( As reported in the news.

trump attacks: If he wants to make a change, he has every right, Sessions said in an interview outside the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador during a mission to increase international co-operation against the MS-13 gang, according to Toronto Star. I serve at the pleasure of the president. Sessions told The Associated Press he and Trump have a harmony of values and beliefs and he intends to stay and fight for the president's agenda as long as he sees that as appropriate. I've understood that from the day I took the job. Read more Key Republicans rally around Jeff Sessions in wake of Trump attacks on attorney general Article Continued Below Trump's attacks on Sessions, Mueller raise concerns about authoritarian' tactics react-text 153 U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will meet local law enforcement officials and former MS-13 gang members and tour a prison in El Salvador. /react-text Pablo Martinez Monsivais / The Associated Press Trump publicly calls Jeff Sessions' position weak,' privately asks about firing him Trump is upset that Sessions recused himself months ago from the investigation into interactions between Russian officials and the Trump campaign, and that he has not taken a tougher line against his defeated Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. react-empty 163 Republican Sen. Congressional Republicans have rallied around Sessions, a former senator from Alabama, and expressed mortification at the humiliation visited on him by Trump in several interviews and a series of tweets branding him weak and ineffective. ( As reported in the news.

world consequences: The CEO had just decided Toronto would be the beneficiary when he was stopped at a border crossing by a Canadian border agent who told him he needed a work permit to enter Canada, according to CTV. The young woman said ... 'You know, sir, it's my job to save Canadian jobs, I can't let you across', Ujczo recounts. Ohio-based trade lawyer Dan Ujczo shares an anecdote that explains why A U.S. company was looking to make a major investment in either the Toronto area or Nashville, Tenn. And he said, 'Young lady, you just lost yourself 300 jobs. ' That, says Ujczo, is an example of the real world consequences of antiquated labour mobility provisions in NAFTA. Companies, when they're making those investment decisions, they want as streamlined a process as possible. It eliminates the need for companies to do a labour market impact assessment to prove that a job being temporarily filled by an eligible American or Mexican worker can't be done by a Canadian. And when they're saying, 'Look, I'm not going to be able to get my talent across the border,' boom! Why even deal with the headache NAFTA is supposed to ease the flow of labour between Canada, the United States and Mexico. ( As reported in the news.

wvu student-athlete: It's only fitting that Kadeisha Buchanan is the first WVU student-athlete to win the Big 12 Athlete of the Year award, Mountaineer women's soccer coach Nikki Izzo-Brown said in a statement, according to Toronto Star. She took our standard of excellence to a whole new level, and I am so proud of everything she did for our program, the university and this athletic department during her four-year career. The 21-year-old centre back from Brampton is the first West Virginia University student-athlete to earn the conference honour since the school joined the Big 12 in 2012. Kadeisha put in a lot of hard work to earn this honour. Article Continued Below Buchanan also won the 2016 Missouri Athletic Club Hermann Trophy, was the Mountaineers' first four-time NSCAA All-American and was named the 2016 espnW and Top Drawer Soccer National Player of the Year.A two-time team captain, Buchanan helped West Virginia post an NCAA- and program-best 18 shutouts in 2016 and allowed just 12 opponent goals en route to a runner-up finish at the 2016 NCAA College Cup, where she was named the tournament defensive MVP. Buchanan started 90 of 91 career matches for the Mountaineers. react-empty 153 She currently plays for Olympique Lyonnais in France. Nominees are submitted by Big 12 institutions and selected, based on athletic performance, academic achievement and citizenship, by a media panel as well as fan voting conducted through Big12Sports. ( As reported in the news.

canadian citizenship: There's nothing more Saskatonian than the river and The Prairie Lily, new Canadian Joanne Buan said aboard the ship, according to CTV. Staff at the citizenship office in Saskatoon wanted a special and unique citizenship ceremony for Canada 150 and reached out to The Prairie Lily, according to the boat's owner, Joan Steckhan. Fifteen immigrants from eight different countries were sworn in as new Canadians on The Prairie Lily on the South Saskatchewan River. She said the company was pleased to be a part of the ceremony. The ceremony was a little ironic for Buan since she worked as an immigration paralegal for six years in Saskatoon helping others receive Canadian citizenship. This was sort of a way for us to welcome new people using the ship that's been so welcomed, Steckhan said. ( As reported in the news.

court records: Another of the dead was identified as being from Guatemala; two others were not publicly identified, according to The Chronicle Herald. At least 29 immigrants survived, according to U.S. officials. Ten immigrants, including seven from Mexico, died after a sweltering ride from the Texas border city of Laredo in a tractor-trailer without air conditioning on Sunday. Twelve remained hospitalized Wednesday in San Antonio. Federal court records indicated a new hearing was set for Aug. 23, when Bradley was expected to a give video deposition. The driver of the big rig, James Matthew Bradley Jr., waived a detention hearing that had been scheduled for Thursday and remained in federal custody, charged with illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain, resulting in death. ( As reported in the news.

detention: Federal Court hearing landmark challenge on indefinite immigration detention Jamaican Alvin Brown finally deported but damages urged for his 5-year immigration detention In a decision released Tuesday, Fothergill said that if those standards are sometimes not met, this is a problem of maladministration, not an indication that the statutory scheme is itself unconstitutional, according to CBC. The constitutional challenge was filed by Alvin Brown, a Jamaican man who was detained for five years before being deported last year. Judge Simon Fothergill says there are mechanisms built into the law to allow detainees to challenge their detention and the conditions in which they are held, which is enough to make the system constitutional. Brown sought to cap detention at 18 months The father of six and his supporters argued that foreigners who cannot be deported for various reasons are subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in that they may spend years behind bars never knowing when they might be released. But Fothergill suggested a higher court should weigh in on whether the Charter of Rights and Freedoms requires a time limit on detention for immigration purposes after which release is mandatory, and certified the issue for appeal. Brown sought to have the court declare that holding someone for more than six months before deportation is presumptively unconstitutional, and asked it to impose a hard cap of 18 months of pre-removal detention. ( As reported in the news.

immigration process: But Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Sonny Gallant said the specifics of those changes are still in the development stage, according to CBC. Identifying communities' needs First, Gallant says the province wants to hear from the business and community leaders, who have been appointed by cabinet to the four regional councils. Up to this point, there just hasn't been a great push to bring immigrants to rural P.E.I.'- Sonny Gallant, P.E.I. minister of workforce and advanced learning Starting this fall, the government plans to change its immigration process, allowing preference for immigrants seeking to establish in rural areas. They'll be out there seeing the needs in their communities, said Gallant. CBC News Gallant said later this summer, after working with the councils, the province will issue a request for proposals for Island agents, who'll work overseas to promote P.E.I., including business and job opportunities in rural areas. They can tell us about the potential of a new business startup or someone buying a business in their community, which would create some new employment and bring people to rural P.E.I. As part of its population growth strategy, the P.E.I. government has set a goal to attract more immigrants to rural areas. ( As reported in the news.

jon wolfsthal: President Donald Trump went straight to starting a fire in a speech at a national Boy Scout gathering, according to CTV. Parents, former Scouts and others were furious after Trump railed against his enemies, promoted his political agenda and underlined his insistence on loyalty before an audience of tens of thousands of school-age Scouts in West Virginia on Monday night. No wood-carving advice. Is nothing safe Jon Wolfsthal, a former special assistant to President Barack Obama, wrote on Twitter, saying Trump turned the event into a Nazi Youth rally. Boy Scouts must repudiate such a disgraceful display. Is nothing safe real Donald Trump turns boyscouts event into Nazi Youth rally. ( As reported in the news.

marion avenue: The City of Windsor has since sold the building and has asked the bank to leave by Aug. 15, according to CBC. Initially, a significant proportion of those using it were our new Syrian refugees, he said. The Windsor Furniture Bank opened April 2016 in the former Science City building on Marion Avenue and quickly became a place for anyone in need, explained Bob Cameron, executive director of the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative, which established the bank in association with a group of local churches. That has flipped now ... a higher percentage is folks who lived in the city ... and have found themselves displaced and needing help. Stacey Janzer/CBC The bank works on a referral system. Samir Danho left helping a newly arrived family from Iraq shop at the Windsor Furniture Bank on Tuesday, July 25 2017. ( As reported in the news.

mccrum: Ten people inside died, according to Metro News. The driver, James Matthew Bradley Jr., faces a human smuggling charge that carries the possibility of the death penalty. The tractor-trailer was found Sunday in a Walmart parking lot. The 13 potential witnesses who are in custody will be represented by attorney Michael McCrum. Some may be released before any trial. McCrum told The Associated Press that all of the people are expected to give depositions in August. ( As reported in the news.