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Napalm Attack: Facebook Wednesday

napalm attack: That outraged some people who believe Facebook should do more to clamp down on misinformation, according to CTV. Pelosi derided Facebook Wednesday for not taking down the video even though it knows it is false. Instead, it downranked the video, a behind-the-scenes move intended to limit its spread. But the company and some civil libertarians warn that Facebook could evolve into an unaccountable censor if it's forced to make judgment calls on the veracity of text, photos or videos. It manages to get itself in enough trouble simply trying to enforce more basic rules in difficult cases, such as the time a straightforward application of its ban on nudity led it to remove an iconic Vietnam War photo of a naked girl fleeing a napalm attack. Facebook has long resisted making declarations about the truthfulness of posts that could open it up to charges of censorship or political bias. ( As reported in the news.