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Party Coffers: Casey and Atlantic Accord

party coffers: He was reelected as an Independent in the 2008 election and sat as such until he resigned his seat in 2009 after a cancer diagnosis, according to National Observer. His 2008 electoral race was full of barriers, Casey said in an interview. In 2007, Casey, then a member of the Conservative Pary, was expelled by Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he voted against the budget, claiming that it broke the Atlantic Accord with his province and Newfoundland and Labrador. According to election laws, Independent candidates have to start with zero monetary funds members affiliated with a party have access to party coffers . That puts Independents at a disadvantage on sighs, pamphlets and advertising, Casey said. It is stacked against Independents. And after the election, any money leftover in an Independent's campaign has to be put back into government coffers as opposed to a party riding association, for example . ; The system is unfair, Casey said. ( As reported in the news.