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department drop: But efforts made in the last two years have done little to change the department's makeup, according to NOW Magazine. Of 179 sworn officers on staff, 157 are white, 14 are black, six are Hispanic and two are listed as other, according to information released by the department. Gastonia Police Chief Robert Helton said July 11 his agency is consistently working to increase diversity. Since July 2016, the percentage of white officers has risen from 88 to 89 percent, while black officers have seen their representation in the department drop from 9 percent to 8 percent. Less than 63 percent of the population is white. Twenty-seven percent of Gastonia residents are black, according to July 2017 U.S. census data. ( As reported in the news.

cocoa seeds: This doesn't surprise me, as it's long been known that chocolate is a psychoactive substance by itself, according to NOW Magazine. It clearly is a stimulant due to the caffeine in the cocoa seeds. Here's some quick tips to bring down the effects of too much THC. ByNikki Lastreto Published on July 26, 2020 Share Tweet2 CommentsA study was recently released stating that chocolate cannabis edibles are difficult to accurately test for cannabinoid levels. Plus, it also contains that bit of bliss that prompted a scientist to bestow the Greek name theobroma on the active ingredient, literally meaning food of the gods. No doubt then it has a similar effect when made into cannabis edibles. When mixed with entheogenic substances, such as magic mushrooms, you are guaranteed to come on faster to the experience. ( As reported in the news.

email interview: Montpetit began Queer ASL as a drop-in club in Victoria in 2009, according to Georgia Asian. After she relocated to Vancouver in 2011, she continued to teach ASL and developed a curriculum in 2012 that has since been taught by a total of six teachers. After Montpetit started hosting an ASL American Sign Language club in her living room, she soon recognized a need for queer people to learn ASL in safe spaces. Montpetit explains, in an email interview, that their primary focus is to teach ASL with an anti-oppressive framework . She says they emphasize gender-neutral language, avoiding things like teaching the signs for man or woman by pointing to students. In Queer ASL, we only identify each other as a person, and introduce gendered signs using iconic images and characters, such as the Flintstones, instead of assuming how students identify. Mainstream ASL classes also tend to include activities where students go around assuming people's gender identities, which leads to misgendering, she says. ( As reported in the news.

life wasn: Growing up in Prince George, life wasn't always easy for Tara Robertson, according to Georgia Asian. A queer-identifying woman with a Japanese-Canadian mother and Scottish-Irish father, she found herself often treated differently than the other kids in the predominantly white city. To see more of our Pride 2018 coverage, click here. Days on the playground could be tough, filled with whispers and stares from the other children and comments from the adults. It was interesting being mixed-race, she tells the Straight on the line from her office in Vancouver. Even as a child, though, she was able to draw the positives from the situation. ( As reported in the news.

love affair: Trojan united black and white youth on the streets, dance floors and at school, recalls Don Letts, the British broadcaster, filmmaker and reggae DJ, adding that the label sowed the seeds for the UK's love affair with Jamaican music . THIS IS TEMP CODE TO RESOLVE TEADS ISSUES ON SAFARAI - ISSUE-387 - START THIS WAS ORIGINALLY IN THE FOOTER EJS FILE THIS IS TEMP CODE TO RESOLVE TEADS ISSUES ON SAFARAI - ISSUE-387 - END Download the new Independent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Download now Yet Trojan Records' 50th anniversary this month is also a chance to look again at how the label also suffered chronic mismanagement, and bore the brunt of criticism regarding treatment of Caribbean artists in Britain unfairly, argues a long-term employee of the label, according to Rabble. The Tighten Up' budget compilations, complete with provocative artwork, introduced newcomers to the latest grooves and provided snapshots of a fast-moving genre Trojan Records Laurence Cane-Honeysett, who first worked at Trojan, is now a consultant for the label and knows as much about its history as anyone. The British reggae specialist holds two claims to fame not only helping the island's culture in the face of critical indifference and establishment suspicion, but also easing barriers for multicultural communities in the teeth of racism and rabble-rousing. At the heart of events to mark the birthday, he wants to celebrate what Trojan achieved against the odds from a cramped warehouse in Willesden, northwest London. Trojan introduced reggae to the world by making its up as it went along; its achievements far outstretched its resources. This story is a real one-off, he says. ( As reported in the news.

time: The time has come to put up or shut up, according to NOW Magazine. In other words, to choose to be legal and in the system or to continue to hide in the hills from hungry helicopters. ByNikki Lastreto Published on July 24, 2017 Share Tweet6 Comments The tension in the air up here in the heart of the Emerald Triangle is as thick as dripping rosin. Both have their benefits as well as their drawbacks. The hope is that it will provide security from the powers that be and allow us to continue to grow this plant we love so much for deserving patients. To go legal requires money and the time to understand all the current requirements, with the risk that it could all change tomorrow. ( As reported in the news.

mass .,: I can see what some idiots in my country are doing, and I can understand why other countries don't want Americans, according to National Observer. But I miss our Canadian neighbours, who are like family to us. I completely understand the border closure, said Jim Gorss, 67, who lives in Southborough, Mass., and whose family owns a cabin on McCauley Lake in the Madawaska region of Ontario. Stories of Americans being allowed into Canada in order to transit north to Alaska only to get caught sightseeing in Banff or failing to self-isolate while checking on cottages, have brought scrutiny to the discretionary power afforded to individual Canada Border Services Agency CBSA agents. Travellers must satisfy a CBSA border services officer that they meet the requirements for entry into Canada, said Louis-Carl Brissette Lesage, a spokesperson for the CBSA. Should an officer have any doubts with regards to the traveller's intended purpose, they will require the traveller to prove their purpose. For its part, the CBSA claims its agents are being strict. ( As reported in the news.

news release: As the search continues for two murder suspects linked to the deaths of three people in Northern B.C., the identity of one of the deceased individuals remains unknown, according to Georgia Asian. On July 19, Dease Lake RCMP received a report about a pickup truck ablaze south of the Stikine River Bridge on Highway 37. For more information, see this article. Upon investigating, a passing motorist reported spotting a body about two kilometres one mile south of the vehicle fire on a highway pullout. He appears to be about 50 to 60 years old and has grey hair and a bushy grey beard. In a news release from the B.C. RCMP on July 22, the deceased man is described as a white male who is between 173 to 178 centimetres five-feet, eight inches and five-feet, 10-inches tall with a heavy build. ( As reported in the news.

rayshard brooks: Trump's order, Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence, was a rambling diatribe against the massive, diverse protest movement that has swept the country in the wake of Floyd's murder and the police killings of Ahmaud Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and so many more, according to Rabble. Juxtapose these fallen innocents with the statues Trump is desperately trying to protect Confederate president Jefferson Davis; General Robert E. Lee; John C. Calhoun, the seventh vice-president of the U.S. and a strident defender of slavery, and Roger Taney, chief justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision denying citizenship to African Americans. These roving shock troops, with no insignia or badges, proved to be federal agents from a slew of agencies, ordered to Portland after President Donald Trump issued an executive order on June 26, a month and a day after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Add to these the Southern military bases named after Confederate officers, which Trump has declared will not be renamed under his watch Benning, Bragg, Hood and others. In response, he is putting into practice his frightening penchant for authoritarianism, unleashing a clandestine shadow army on the citizenry, criminalizing protest as he struggles to inflame white supremacy. As more Confederate statues and shrines to slavery and genocide have fallen, so too have Trump's poll numbers. ( As reported in the news.

review b.c: It's happened since slavery all the way through today, where voices of individuals were suppressed with a knee on the neck, according to CBC. Virgo predicts that past and present racist violence will shape the way viewers see his 2015 miniseries, The Book of Negroes, when it returns to CBC for a three-part encore broadcast from Sunday to Tuesday. The visual horror of George Floyd's death is seared into our collective consciousness, the Canadian director says, because it's symbolic of a hateful, ongoing history.article continues below Trending Stories Year in review B.C. homicide cases continue after suspected B.C. serial killers found dead in MB That's not the first time that image has occurred, said Virgo. Based on Canadian author Lawrence Hill's acclaimed novel, the six-episode epic follows Aminata Diallo, played by Aunjanue Ellis, from her abduction from her West African village as a child, through her lifelong struggle to escape enslavement in the U.S. and return home. We're in a climate now where the dominant conversation is around how do we reconcile our history, and how do we move forward in the future, said Virgo, 54. Revisiting the show, Virgo said he was struck by the modern parallels to our current reckoning with systemic racism. ( As reported in the news.

salish sea: And what's more, they have two newborns, raising hopes for the endangered species, according to Georgia Asian. The orcas are not the only creatures at risk in the Salish Sea. The famed southern resident killer whales have returned to their summer home. According to the Wilderness Committee, there are 119 species in and around the inland waters between Canada and the U.S. whose survival is threatened by factors ranging from declining food sources to pollution. On Thursday July 25 the Wilderness Committee is organizing a beach cleanup at the Tsatsu Shores near the Tsawwassen ferry causeway, from 6 30 to 8 30 p.m. Preventing litter from entering the ocean is one way to help save the orcas and other endangered species. ( As reported in the news.

spending days: These types of investigations are few and far between in today's media landscape, but you know you can count on National Observer to deliver on them when you subscribe, according to National Observer. Carl's report revealed that American authorities suspect Exxon is misleading its investors by purposely minimizing the risk of climate change action on its profits. That's what National Observer's Carl Meyer reported last week, after spending days going through documents to uncover a major development in the Exxonknew saga. It's all part of the ever-growing Exxonknew controversy. What people are reading 'It's embarrassing being American'Tam warning young people to stop spreading COVID-19'Covert genocide' Province gets a 'D' on suicide prevention Bill McKibben describes it as the most consequential lie in human history . Exxon helped organize the most consequential lie in human Mathew Carr carrzee September 7, 2016 They kept that lie going past the point where we can protect the poles, prevent the acidification of the oceans, or slow sea level rise enough to save the most vulnerable regions and cultures. Just like the battle against big tobacco, American state attorneys general have been tangling with Exxon demanding to know when the oil giant realized the truth about climate change and why the company financed efforts to obscure public understanding of the science. ( As reported in the news.

brother angelo: The rotund gangster's murder was thought to bring to a close three years of underworld bloodshed that has claimed at least a dozen lives, according to Hamilton Spectator. Cops say that the body of Grant Edward Norton, 59, of Ingersoll, was discovered Sunday in a wooded area in London. Musitano, 52, was gunned down on July 10 in a brazen daylight hit at a Burlington strip mall. His family reported him missing on July 12. It was Pat Musitano's turn on Friday.POSTMEDIA He had been facing a slew of fraud charges and was on the lam. Pat Musitano, right, and his late brother Angelo, behind him, leave a Hamilton court in January 1998. ( As reported in the news.

honduran government: Migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador have sought asylum in the United States from the poverty, violence, human rights violations and the impacts of climate breakdown including food insecurity in their home countries, according to Rabble. The negative impacts of Canadian capital notably mining projects and support for the Honduran government have also been cited as contributory factors in this migration. The Peace Brigades International-Mexico Project accompanies the Saltillo Migrant Shelter, which is located near the Mexico-Texas border.PBI-Mexico has noted, The Saltillo Migrant Shelter offers daily humanitarian assistance -- including clothes, medicines, food, rest, and medical and psychological care -- to hundreds of migrants crossing Mexico to reach the United States. On July 1, The Washington Post reported, In the weeks since Mexico signed a pact with the United States to stop migration from Mexico into the United States conditions in detention centers and shelters have deteriorated dramatically, according to diplomats and human rights officials who have visited the facilities. As of late June, Mexico also deployed 15,000 troops on its northern border to stop migrants from entering the United States. That article highlights, Mexico has detained 99,203 migrants this year and deported 71,110 of them, according to its immigration agency. ( As reported in the news.

olympic village: The 20.4 million complex will have a 250-seat theatre, four rehearsal theatres, costume-making facilities, and the offices of both the Arts Club Theatre and Bard on the Beach.BMO Financial Group got naming rights after kicking in 1.5 million to complete the building, according to Georgia Asian. The 250-seat venue itself will be called the Goldcorp Stage, which will be housed at the centre, thanks to Goldcorp's 500,000 donation to allow for the installation of state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The Arts Club Theatre Company and Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival announced yesterday the naming of the new BMO Theatre Centre at their new shared facility at 162 West 1st Avenue near Olympic Village. The new BMO Theatre Centre and Goldcorp Stage will provide both the Arts Club and Bard on the Beach with expanded possibilities for the development of new productions, as well as allowing both companies to grow their current education and training programs. ( As reported in the news.

waldner: As soon as the government says Hutterite', people become scared of us, Waldner told CTV News on Thursday, according to CTV. He sent a letter to Premier Brian Pallister and Cameron Friesen, minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, on Wednesday, writing the recent announcements have caused discrimination against his community. It's not an idle threat, said Paul Waldner, a minister from the Can Am Hutterite Colony. Over the course of the past few days, the Colony, together with other Hutterite Colonies located throughout the Province of Manitoba, have watched with growing concern as the Province of Manitoba has publicly identified various Hutterite Colonies as the location of residence of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, Waldner writes. Should the announcements continue, we expect the stigmatization, and associated cultural and religious profiling will only worsen. As a result of these public announcements, the Hutterite communities have already begun to experience stigmatization by others in surrounding communities. ( As reported in the news.

income: The possibility of a basic income guarantee deserves more thorough investigation, the Senate finance committee wrote in its interim report on COVID-19, published July 14, according to National Observer. Simpson's office confirmed to National Observer that B.C. would welcome consultation over the issue. Shane Simpson was asked to respond to a federal Senate committee report that recommends the Government of Canada give full, fair and priority consideration to a basic income guarantee, in consultation with the provinces, territories and Indigenous governments. The province is currently studying basic income via a panel the government struck in 2018. Read the interim report COVID-19 Relief in times of crisis COVID19 NFFN cdnpoli cdnecon Senate of Canada SenateCA July 14, 2020CERB 'effectiveness' seen as inspiration The Senate committee's deputy chair, Senator ric Forest, said many witnesses and senators strongly suggested the government consider a basic income program in the post-COVID world during its study of the issue. The panel's final report is due to the minister at the end of December. ( As reported in the news.

states years: Dr, according to Georgia Asian. J.P. Cayungal, instructor, critical race and ethnic studies in UBC's Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice As I joined the growing number of people standing vigil with Black Lives Matter Vancouver on July 10, I immediately recognized Constance Barnes, the charismatic mover and shaker in the worlds of culture, green space, and electoral politics of Vancouver. Accomplices put their body on the line. The last time I had seen her was four years ago. And here we are, again Constance's father, Emery Barnes, was a well-known and well-respected football player turned politician. We hugged, then standing back she shook her head, Fuckin' really I mean, fuckin' really This is why my mother and father left the States 60 years ago. ( As reported in the news.

top-shelf cannabis: Now in development for two years, its premiere offspring Roz looks to follow mom's lead in finding its spot among the best cannabis genetics in the world, according to NOW Magazine. As always with the strains of folklore, we start with the parents. ByJimi Devine Published on July 22, 2020 Share Tweet Comment Over the past six years, Zkittlez has emblazoned its name across the cannabis landscape among the upper echelon of top-shelf cannabis. The aforementioned Zkittlez is the king of Northern California right now. With those strains, early generations leaked a bit out into the wild and into the hands of less savvy cultivators, leading to mixed results. Obviously, the city folk may point to more popular urban cuts not developed on the hillsides of the Emerald Triangle, but they've had their chance. ( As reported in the news.

u.s .,: Under the agreement, which took effect in 2004, Canada and the U.S. recognize each other as safe places to seek protection, according to CTV. It means Canada can turn back potential refugees who arrive at land ports of entry along the Canada-U.S. border on the basis they must pursue their claims in the U.S., the country where they first arrived. In a keenly awaited ruling, Federal Court Justice Ann Marie McDonald said Wednesday that elements of the law underpinning the Safe Third Country Agreement violate the constitutional guarantee of life, liberty and security. Canadian refugee advocates have vigorously fought the deal, arguing the U.S. is not always a safe country for people fleeing persecution. Mary-Liz Power, a spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, said the government was reviewing the ruling. The judge's declaration of invalidity is suspended for six months, leaving the law in place until mid-January and giving the Trudeau government time to respond to the court ruling. ( As reported in the news.

video message: Even before Thursday's opening day, players and coaches in the sport are taking a more active approach to supporting racial justice, according to CTV. Among the examples San Francisco manager Gabe Kapler and several players kneeling during the national anthem before an exhibition game and several Dodgers -- including NL MVP Cody Bellinger and three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw -- speaking out about racial injustice in a video message. But in the aftermath of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis -- and because of the quirks of a coronavirus-altered sports schedule -- baseball is in the position of having the American sports world largely to itself for the next week. I wanted to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with our clear systemic racism in our country and I wanted them players to know that they got to make their own decisions and we would respect and support those decisions, Kapler said after Monday's game. The most recent protests during the anthem seemed to draw the ire of President Donald Trump, who wrote on social media Tuesday morning Looking forward to live sports, but any time I witness a player kneeling during the National Anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our Country and our Flag, the game is over for me! Baseball's show of support for social justice continued Tuesday. I wanted them to feel safe in speaking up. ( As reported in the news.

abzug jousted: On the TV series Mrs, according to Rabble. America, Abzug jousted with feminists Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan in scenes from the heady, early days of the women's movement in the 1970s. A warrior for every social justice movement of her day, Bella Savitzky Abzug stood on the front lines protesting injustices that still roil this nation. But before then, she risked her life to defend an African American man accused of raping a white woman in Mississippi. She championed labor, marched to end the Vietnam War and celebrated New York, the city that she loved. She fought to End the Arms Race, Not the Human Race. ( As reported in the news.

archives canada: Although the memorial has many supporters, several prominent individuals have expressed their opposition to its construction, according to Georgia Asian. For example, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Beverly McLachlin in a September 2014 letter to Public Works expressed concern that the monument might unintentionally convey a sense of bleakness and brutalism inconsistent with a space dedicated to the administration of justice. Since then, this charity has been working closely with the federal government to realize the monument on a choice piece of real estate in the nation's capital between the Supreme Court and Library and Archives Canada. Similarly, Ottawa architect Barry Padolsky sent an open letter to the prime minister stating that the site was in need of a significant piece of architecture rather than the memorial as it has been proposed. ( As reported in the news.

blood cells: Buddy Creech, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, according to CTV. He had no role in the work, published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. Infection with this coronavirus does not necessarily generate lifetime immunity, but antibodies are only part of the story, said Dr. The immune system remembers how to make fresh antibodies if needed and other parts of it also can mount an attack, he said. The earliest ones are fairly crude but as infection goes on, the immune system becomes trained to focus its attack and to make more precise antibodies. Newsletter sign-up Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox Antibodies are proteins that white blood cells called B cells make to bind to the virus and help eliminate it. ( As reported in the news.

borussia monchengladbach: Victoria's Simpson had 43 caps for Canada and played pro extensively with European clubs, according to Hamilton Spectator. Kelowna's Friend had 32 caps for Canada and played pro in Germany with Borussia Monchengladbach, Hertha Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt and 1860 Munich. With Friday's slickly produced introductory celebration unveiling of Pacific FC behind them, president Josh Simpson and executive Rob Friend turn their thoughts to building the product on the field for next spring's inaugural season at an upgraded Westhills Stadium in the professional Canadian Premier League of soccer. article continues below Trending Stories New restrictions for bars, restaurants as virus trends upward Woman, 32, dies after being pulled from Matheson Lake Greater Victoria sewage being tested for coronavirus Obituary Former pro Dave Ravenhill helped build Island soccer related Langford-based pro soccer team will be called Pacific FC, play starts in spring With their extensive connections in the game, Simpson and Friend indicated they will co-handle the general-manager duties. A decision on a coach is expected in the fall. We want a coach who is young, dynamic and innovative and who will help build the game for Canada as we look to 2026 when Canada co-hosts the World Cup . A source has told the Times Colonist that a leading candidate could be 32-year-old Riley O'Neill, who came out of Campbell River to star in the NCAA for the University of Kentucky Wildcats and for Canada in the 2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup, before a pro career in Germany and Finland. Coaching is crucial and we have three or four candidates in mind and a lot of candidates have approached us, said Simpson. ( As reported in the news.

inbox i: Newsletter sign-up Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox I was COVID-positive and that's when I just dropped, she told CNN. I couldn't even think, according to CTV. I was so nervous. Rocio Casalduc developed a cough during her second pregnancy so she went to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., for a COVID-19 test. During treatment, Casalduc answered some difficult questions about the future of her and her unborn child, including which of the two would she like saved if there were any complications. I just started to cry, she said. If I had to choose between me and my daughter's life, who would I choose And, that's when -- I don't even know. ( As reported in the news.