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Honduran Government: Rights Violations and Mexico-Texas Border

honduran government: Migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador have sought asylum in the United States from the poverty, violence, human rights violations and the impacts of climate breakdown including food insecurity in their home countries, according to Rabble. The negative impacts of Canadian capital notably mining projects and support for the Honduran government have also been cited as contributory factors in this migration. The Peace Brigades International-Mexico Project accompanies the Saltillo Migrant Shelter, which is located near the Mexico-Texas border.PBI-Mexico has noted, The Saltillo Migrant Shelter offers daily humanitarian assistance -- including clothes, medicines, food, rest, and medical and psychological care -- to hundreds of migrants crossing Mexico to reach the United States. On July 1, The Washington Post reported, In the weeks since Mexico signed a pact with the United States to stop migration from Mexico into the United States conditions in detention centers and shelters have deteriorated dramatically, according to diplomats and human rights officials who have visited the facilities. As of late June, Mexico also deployed 15,000 troops on its northern border to stop migrants from entering the United States. That article highlights, Mexico has detained 99,203 migrants this year and deported 71,110 of them, according to its immigration agency. ( As reported in the news.