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Mass .,: Jim Gorss and Border Closure

mass .,: I can see what some idiots in my country are doing, and I can understand why other countries don't want Americans, according to National Observer. But I miss our Canadian neighbours, who are like family to us. I completely understand the border closure, said Jim Gorss, 67, who lives in Southborough, Mass., and whose family owns a cabin on McCauley Lake in the Madawaska region of Ontario. Stories of Americans being allowed into Canada in order to transit north to Alaska only to get caught sightseeing in Banff or failing to self-isolate while checking on cottages, have brought scrutiny to the discretionary power afforded to individual Canada Border Services Agency CBSA agents. Travellers must satisfy a CBSA border services officer that they meet the requirements for entry into Canada, said Louis-Carl Brissette Lesage, a spokesperson for the CBSA. Should an officer have any doubts with regards to the traveller's intended purpose, they will require the traveller to prove their purpose. For its part, the CBSA claims its agents are being strict. ( As reported in the news.