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Spending Days: Media Landscape and Exxonknew Controversy

spending days: These types of investigations are few and far between in today's media landscape, but you know you can count on National Observer to deliver on them when you subscribe, according to National Observer. Carl's report revealed that American authorities suspect Exxon is misleading its investors by purposely minimizing the risk of climate change action on its profits. That's what National Observer's Carl Meyer reported last week, after spending days going through documents to uncover a major development in the Exxonknew saga. It's all part of the ever-growing Exxonknew controversy. What people are reading 'It's embarrassing being American'Tam warning young people to stop spreading COVID-19'Covert genocide' Province gets a 'D' on suicide prevention Bill McKibben describes it as the most consequential lie in human history . Exxon helped organize the most consequential lie in human Mathew Carr carrzee September 7, 2016 They kept that lie going past the point where we can protect the poles, prevent the acidification of the oceans, or slow sea level rise enough to save the most vulnerable regions and cultures. Just like the battle against big tobacco, American state attorneys general have been tangling with Exxon demanding to know when the oil giant realized the truth about climate change and why the company financed efforts to obscure public understanding of the science. ( As reported in the news.