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Waldner: Hutterite Colonies

waldner: As soon as the government says Hutterite', people become scared of us, Waldner told CTV News on Thursday, according to CTV. He sent a letter to Premier Brian Pallister and Cameron Friesen, minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, on Wednesday, writing the recent announcements have caused discrimination against his community. It's not an idle threat, said Paul Waldner, a minister from the Can Am Hutterite Colony. Over the course of the past few days, the Colony, together with other Hutterite Colonies located throughout the Province of Manitoba, have watched with growing concern as the Province of Manitoba has publicly identified various Hutterite Colonies as the location of residence of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, Waldner writes. Should the announcements continue, we expect the stigmatization, and associated cultural and religious profiling will only worsen. As a result of these public announcements, the Hutterite communities have already begun to experience stigmatization by others in surrounding communities. ( As reported in the news.