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Top-Shelf Cannabis: Cannabis Genetics

top-shelf cannabis: Now in development for two years, its premiere offspring Roz looks to follow mom's lead in finding its spot among the best cannabis genetics in the world, according to NOW Magazine. As always with the strains of folklore, we start with the parents. ByJimi Devine Published on April 1, 2021 Share Tweet Over the years, Zkittlez has emblazoned its name across the cannabis landscape among the upper echelon of top-shelf cannabis. The aforementioned Zkittlez is the king of Northern California right now. With those strains, early generations leaked a bit out into the wild and into the hands of less savvy cultivators, leading to mixed results. Obviously, the city folk may point to more popular urban cuts not developed on the hillsides of the Emerald Triangle, but they've had their chance. ( As reported in the news.