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Khankhanian: Cannabis and Farm

khankhanian: It's the first day of October, which is an active time at any outdoor cannabis farm, but Khankhanian exudes an air of lucid calm as he decides which plants should be harvested today at Moon Gazer Farms, according to NOW Magazine. Khankhanian's walk takes him through tangled rows of beautiful cannabis in full flower, nestled around other plants, flowers and herbs. ByEllen Holland Published on March 27, 2020 Share Tweet Josh Khankhanian walks barefoot through his Mendocino cannabis farm, pulling up pointed dark green leaves of comfrey and dropping them back on the soil. Comfrey, Jerusalem artichokes, bergamot, bog sage, holy basil, kale, fava beans, calendula and torch tithonia also known as Mexican sunflower all find a place among the farm's raised soil mounds. But even within the cannabis on our farm it's as diverse as it can be. Diversity is the big thing here, that's why we have a lot of diverse kinds of plants, Khankhanian tells me as we walk through the garden. ( As reported in the news.