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Right Places: Marin County and Bychris Roberts

right places: If Hunter S. Thompson was right, and the ethos of San Francisco in the middle sixties was a great wave of different, resistant energy that would break, crash and recede into the hedonism, selfishness and cynicism that marked the decades to come, at least some of the refugee flotsam from that idealist crest survived, according to NOW Magazine. And it did so by clinging to the hills and redwoods located just north across the Golden Gate Bridge. ByChris Roberts Published on April 20, 2018 Share Tweet If you squint hard enough, at the right places, Marin County, California in 2018 can resemble the Marin County, California, of the early 1970s. There is evidence that this happened. Unironic tie-dye is found in Fairfax. Richard Brautigan fled to Bolinas. ( As reported in the news.