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Resource-Based Economy: Pembina Institute and Tone Trudeau

resource-based economy: Trudeau is set to unveil his first post-election cabinet Wednesday morning, according to National Observer. The shuffle is to be the first sign of the tone Trudeau will set as the head of a minority government that has to balance a climate change emergency with Canada's natural resource-based economy. They also want him to give prominent attention to reducing the anxieties of workers whose jobs are disappearing, possibly even with a new cabinet portfolio dedicated to helping reshape the economy with this transition in mind. We need to see a very holistic and ambitious approach to tackling our challenges, said Isabelle Turcotte, federal policy director at the Pembina Institute. Now what How the Climate Crisis Is Killing Us, in 9 Alarming Charts That has to include, said Turcotte, making climate change part of the decision-making process in every ministry. What people are reading Wilkinson becoming environment minister, O'Regan taking energy file reports Nearly 3 billion people have lost their freedom in the name of ensuring public order. ( As reported in the news.