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Apples Smell: Weather Sun and Pleasure I

apples smell: The changeable weather sun, then scudding clouds that arrive full of rain and inevitable humidity in between just serves to exacerbate the scent and fruitfulness of it all, according to Rabble. A scent that lingers long after you have left the market or the shop ... especially the apples why is it that apples smell so strongly and persistently Strong and persistent is the pleasure I get from putting autumn produce in its place, ripping open nets of chestnuts or mandarins and watching them skittle in a bowl, attempting my own private Caravaggio with two pomegranates, three pears and a quince that may never get cooked, and putting the pumpkin on the shelf like an ornament. Pumpkins and squash, the rabble of roots and their greens, the first fennel and the last grapes, freckled apples, pears and fuzzy-felt quinces, wild and tame mushrooms, pomegranates, green-black kale and red-stalked chard, the first artichokes and green-tinted citrus, smooth, chocolate brown chestnuts with all this to wear, no wonder the market, corner shop and supermarket shelves look so gorgeous. I get less pleasure from cutting pumpkin, having almost lost a finger last year. I disagree you need to discipline them or delegate the task. You must woo an autumn squash, wrote Molly O'Neill in her book A Well Seasoned Appetite. ( As reported in the news.