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Policy Measures: Gas Companies

policy measures: The Fuel Price Transparency Act FTPA will give the B.C. Utilities Commission BCUC powers to collect information from private oil and gas companies related to market conditions and factors that explain how companies set the prices that citizens pay for fuel, according to Georgia Asian. By pulling back the curtain, these companies will be publicly accountable for unfair markups and cost increases that cannot be explained, Ralston said. This legislation sends a message to oil and gas companies the days of setting your prices in total secrecy have come to an end. It will also produce a common set of facts moving forward, allowing us to properly evaluate other policy measures to bring fairness to the price at the pump. The tabling of the Fuel Price Transparency Act follows the publication of a report by the BCUC that sought to explain why gas prices are higher in southern B.C. compared to most of the rest of Canada. Through the spring of 2019, gas prices in many regions of B.C. hovered around 1.70 per litre. ( As reported in the news.