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Daniel Announcement: Motion and Mayor Mike

daniel announcement: In Halifax, faced with a similar situation, Mayor Mike Savage showed a great deal of political leadership in saying, 'It stops now,' and decreed a moratorium and told police, 'You aren't stopping anybody until we have clear rules in place that will stop checks based on simply a hunch or suspicion or you're in a high-crime neighbourhood, Coun, according to CTV. Marvin Rotrand said in an interview before his motion was adopted. Chief Daniel Kinsella's announcement comes as Montreal unanimously adopted a motion Monday night calling for a stop to the practice by police officers there, with the councillor behind the motion citing Halifax as an example of leadership. The Montreal motion is not binding, because the city's police force answers to the provincial Public Security Department, not city hall. It also calls on Montreal city council to ensure police respect their commitment to come up with a new street check policy by March. The motion calls on the police to immediately stop unfounded street checks and asks the provincial government to adopt legislation regulating police stops across Quebec. ( As reported in the news.