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Corner Segment: Death Threats and Conference Room

corner segment: For those of you who were hoping to see Bart here, I can tell you from experience I went through something similar at the CBC with the Hockey Night in Canada theme song -- I think I hid in my condo for a week, former Sportsnet president Scott Moore told the packed conference room, according to CTV. You get everything from the Twitter lynch mobs coming after you to death threats. The last Coach's Corner segment and Don Cherry's departure were still hot talking points among the sports media executives on the panel even though Yabsley was not in attendance. So for Bart to have been here today, it would have been all anybody wanted to talk about, and I think that would have been unfair to him and unfair to the conference. Cherry's firing and its ramifications have dominated the Canadian news cycle since his departure was announced. A schedule conflict was the reason for Yabsley's absence, a Sportsnet spokesperson said via email. ( As reported in the news.