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Prorogue Parliament: No-Deal Brexit and Boris Johnson

prorogue parliament: Remainers storm MP's office screamed the Sun, under a tag of Red rabble . In reality, a couple of hecklers aside, the crowd listened in respectful silence as Chalk, a Remainer who opposes prorogation, attempted to explain his rather contorted position, according to Rabble. The rabble was about as threatening as a librarians' picnic. But last Thursday protesters gathered outside the office of the local Conservative MP, Alex Chalk, to voice their anger at Boris Johnson's decision delivered by the Queen to prorogue parliament, and thus shorten the amount of time for MPs to pass legislation preventing a no-deal Brexit. Although it's a Conservative seat, Cheltenham voted 57-43 in favour of Remain in the referendum and, led by the pressure group Cheltenham for Europe, the town has been host to a strong anti-Brexit campaign. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Under fire Alex Chalk. Clearly discomfited, Chalk found himself having to declare that he was not going to resign the whip. ( As reported in the news.