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Biases Guide: Ricardo Galv and Deforestation Statistics

biases guide: In an interview with the BBC, Galv o said that previously, the INPE and the ministry formally collaborated to prevent deforestation in the Amazon from 2002 to 2014, according to National Observer. But the current environment minister, Salles, has insisted that ideological biases guide scientific data and that deforestation statistics have been sensationalized. After INPE's director, Ricardo Galv o, defended the data and provided more scientific evidence to back up the reports, he was dismissed from his role earlier this month. He has gone as far as to suggest hiring a foreign company to replace INPE, which Galv o said would amount to a conflict of interests. Bolsonaro called the move and further international criticism of his government an echo of colonialism, chastising countries with colonial histories and relationships for trying to play saviour to the Amazon, acting as if Brazil is a no man's land, as Bolsonaro tweeted Monday. On Monday, the G7 offered US 22 million in fire-fighting aid to Brazil. ( As reported in the news.