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St George: Pavement Cafes and Voting Intentions

st george: Winter is coming, according to Rabble. Who knows how a swan song Wayne Rooney hat-trick in that game might have affected voting intentions a couple of days later What is certain, however, is that only a government as insouciant or incompetent as David Cameron's would have called a vote on Britain's European future while fans clothed and tattooed in the flag of St George were defending the honour of our boys in the fountains and pavement cafes of France and our up-and-at-'em footballing nation was sensing a new humiliation at the hands of those sophisticated operatives from across the channel. Donald Tusk tweeted presciently or gleefully UK-Iceland, 1-2. In hindsight, the most telling image of England's campaign was that of our travelling supporters army scarily outnumbered and battered by tooled-up Russian ultras, who delivered what appeared to be a calculated missive from the Putin government. In analysing England's football culture over the last 30 years he makes the point that it was at the generally joyful 1996 tournament that the union jack was abandoned by England's fans and a new narrower nationalism emerged. The message on the stadium advertising hoardings underneath that image was the French tournament's unfortunate motto Rendez-vous with history . David Goldblatt's latest encyclopedic book on the reach of the global game misses no possible nuance in the symbolism of that particular stand-off. ( As reported in the news.