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Need Policies: Populism and Anti-Mass-Immigration Parties

need policies: But smugness is a cause of populism, not an antidote, according to Rabble. We need policies that work for people who increasingly feel marginalized, not self-satisfied contempt for them. Getty Images National Post View August 30, 20191 28 PM EDTFiled under Full Share this storyNP View A bigger government won't reduce angry populism Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InCanadians may feel smugly immune to the disease of vulgar populism that has upended politics in many democratic countries, from Trump to Brexit and anti-mass-immigration parties in Europe. It's a lot easier to say than do. But it was pain for gain, because of the danger of not addressing the sources of alienation. In a recent Macdonald-Laurier Institute piece, Sean Speer admits that studying populism forced him into an ongoing process of introspection a complicated journey that has led me in new and different directions. ( As reported in the news.