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Gender Parity: Mikhail Ahooja and Kacey Rohl

gender parity: An additional four global rising stars include Norway's Josefine Frida, Australia's Geraldine Viswanathan, the United States' Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Argentina's Chino Darin -- son of renowned actor Ricardo Darin, according to CTV. At a red carpet event for TIFF earlier this summer, some of the Canadian actors spoke about their desire to further Hollywood efforts to achieve gender parity and increase support for diverse voices. Shamier Anderson, Nahema Ricci, Kacey Rohl, and Mikhail Ahooja are the fest's homegrown rising stars this year, a designation that gives them access to private industry meetings with casting directors, filmmakers, producers, and executives. Here's a look at each of their burgeoning careers NAHEMA RICCI This 21-year-old helms one of the buzziest homegrown titles of the fest, Antigone, billed as an indictment of the refugee experience in North America. After their parents are murdered, Antigone, her sister Ismene, her brothers Eteocle and Polynice, and their grandmother Menecee attempt to build a quiet life in a tiny apartment in their working-class neighbourhood. Directed by Quebec filmmaker Sophie Deraspe, this modern-day interpretation of the classic Greek tragedy centres on an immigrant family in Montreal anchored by straight-A student Antigone, played by Ricci -- herself a Montreal-born child of immigrant parents of Franco-Tunisian descent. ( As reported in the news.