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Persons Idps: Refugees and Media Coverage

persons idps: There were 28 million new displacements caused by conflict and disasters in 2018, according to Rabble. These are staggering numbers. In 2016, approximately 40 million people became internally displaced persons IDPs and 22.5 million became refugees, the highest figures on record. As migration and displacement have increased, so has media coverage, not all positive. In all of the media sources we analyzed, Canadian citizens, politicians, and other public actors speak on behalf of refugees and exemplify a 'saviour complex' that marginalizes Syrian refugees while offering a narrative of humanitarian and generous Canadians, says the report. In 2017, a study from the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement RCIS found that the Canadian media engaged in the process of othering Syrian refugees who were resettled in Canada between 2015-2017. ( As reported in the news.