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Friday Interview: Refugee Family and Syrian Refugees

friday interview: We're shooting it like a documentary, most of it handheld, very close up, very quiet, said Sulatycky in a Friday interview with CTV Calgary, according to CTV. There's no big drama. In Canadian productions you tend to see people taking on more than just one role within a production and for this one Sulatycky wears the hats of writer, director and producer. It's just the little steps of how people live day to day, both as a cowboy or a new refugee family . Sulatycky,who previously directed the 2018 drama April in Autumn, was inspired by watching Syrian refugees when they first started arriving in Canada. It's an immediate clash of cultures. The film follows one family's Canadian journey, but rather than ending up in a big city they arrive in a small rural town where a ranch owner takes them in. ( As reported in the news.