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English-Speaking Communities

news: Drainville reported that the Legault government considered the deep unpopularity of Bill 21 - its controversial ban on religious symbols in the public service - among the English-speaking communities of Quebec in its decision to spare English governance over the its own school community, as well as the elections that form their membership, according to CTV. While stopping short of fully confirming Drainville's report, a government source told CTV News Montreal that English-speaking communities can expect good news. The news was first reported by Bernard Drainville, political columnist for Montreal talk radio station 98.5, Wednesday morning. Our proposal will surprise the communities concerned in a positive manner, the source said. The source added, though, that the CAQ government is likely to propose a streamlined version of the current school board system, though would not offer details. People will be happy with the proposal that will be submitted to cabinet. ( As reported in the news.