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Canada Secretary: Rebel Media and Saudi Arabia

canada secretary: Every point you'd expect to hear from the ethical oil crowd was there Neve was beyond ridiculous, according to Rabble. Kenney would absolutely not abandon his war room or his inquiry with its universally mocked snitch line. Rather than reassuring people elsewhere in Canada and potential investors around the world that, no, Alberta isn't taking a turn toward autocratic far-right populism with a nasty authoritarian streak, he snapped out a series of unconvincing responses to Amnesty International Canada Secretary General Alex Neve's letter that sounded as if they'd been drafted for him by someone at Rebel Media. Amnesty should criticize Saudi Arabia or Russia instead of picking on Alberta. Amnesty is fighting to protect foreign-funded billionaires from transparency when they're funding a campaign to land-lock Canadian energy. The international human-rights watchdog used to do better work when he was running his high school Amnesty club. ( As reported in the news.