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Seat Legislature: Election and Core Support

seat legislature: Pallister himself was declared the winner in his Winnipeg constituency of Fort Whyte, according to CTV. Get full coverage of the Manitoba provincial election from CTV News Winnipeg What the rest of Canada should know about the Manitoba election NDP Leader Wab Kinew also won his seat in Fort Rouge. The Tories were projected to capture government in the 57-seat legislature in early returns in Tuesday's provincial election, but it wasn't clear if it would be a minority or majority. The New Democrats were on track to improve on the 14 seats won in 2016, remaining as the Official Opposition and winning back some of the core support that had abandoned them three years earlier. The PCs appeared hard-pressed to match the 40 seats they won in 2016, the largest majority government in a century in Manitoba, ending 17 years of NDP government. The Liberals with new leader Dougald Lamont, were struggling to retain the four seats they had at writ drop, which is the minimum number needed for official party status. ( As reported in the news.