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Shield Tehran: Unraveling Deal and Pressure Europe

shield tehran: Rouhani's threats put the world on notice that it cannot continue to rely on Iran complying with terms of the unraveling deal in the coming weeks, according to CTV. Meanwhile, a U.S. campaign of sanctions hammering Iran's anemic economy and blocking its sale of oil on the global market is only making life worse, putting further pressure on both its Shiite theocracy and its 80 million people. A televised address by President Hassan Rouhani, who once pledged that the landmark deal would draw Iran closer to the West, saw the cleric instead pressure Europe to shield Tehran from the sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the agreement exactly a year earlier. Rouhani himself compared the situation to a medical emergency for the Islamic Republic, only 40 years after its founding. This surgery is for saving the deal, not destroying it. We felt that the nuclear deal needs a surgery, and the painkiller pills of the last year have been ineffective, Rouhani said. ( As reported in the news.