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Indian Citizens: Paper Trail and Voting Booths

indian citizens: Hundreds of thousands of voters have found their names deleted, EVMs have malfunctioned, and the Voter Verified Paper Trail VVPAT meant to preserve the EVM's integrity, has not just stumbled, but also fallen short on its promised seven-second display after the casting of vote, according to Rabble. Users report that it is never more than a fleeting three seconds. However, much of what was feared from the Electronic Voting Machines EVMs seems to be playing out in different voting booths in diverse parts of the country. In short, the uncanny fear that the votes of Indian citizens in a democracy could be stolen en masse, have got aggravated. Arvind Kejriwal complained of the deletion of voters belonging to minority communities and lower castes all those who are expected to vote against the BJP. Instead of inviting the scrutiny of ethical hackers to fight misgivings, the EC has obfuscated every time flaws have been found in the machines Many towns in western Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Chennai and scores of cities in other parts of the country have witnessed this sickening phenomenon. The big question is will the final result on May 23, 2019, capture the anger and anxieties of a restive nation or will the mandate be hijacked by an evil cabal of technology influencers, right-wing populists and rabble-rousers, crooked businessmen, and old-fashioned goons and experts at booth-capturing who know how to prevent ordinary people, opposition parties and dissenters from voting. ( As reported in the news.