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British Majority: Boris Johnson

british majority: With his money-grubbing speeches, Boris Johnson cheapens our politics Suzanne Moore Read more By 61% to a meagre 18%, voters agree with the sentiment that a prime minister should always put the British majority first even if it means minorities lose out . That might embolden Boris Johnson to make more controversial jokes about Muslim women, suggests Prospect's editor, Tom Clark, according to Rabble. Johnson last summer suggested that Brexit might get somewhere if it were being run by Donald Trump, of whom he was increasingly admiring . But he may be feeling out-Trumped as he watches rowdy Nigel Farage rallies where audiences shout, Lock her up! about Theresa May. The poll mines a worrying seam of anti-democratic, anti-civil rights instincts on the right, with Conservatism moving rapidly rightwards. On foreign policy, zero-sum nationalism again echoes Trumpism 58% agree that a prime minister should always put Britain first even if that means damaging alliances with only 20% disagreeing. How would you answer it when considering Tony Blair's fateful error in putting the special relationship with George W Bush first, even though joining the Iraq war was certainly not in Britain's national interest More reassuringly, voters reject the crassest Trumpishness. But that's a more ambiguous question. ( As reported in the news.