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Hair Follicles: Cells and Acorn Biolabs

hair follicles: By simply plucking a few hairs from your head, extracting and analyzing the cells, and storing them at cryogenic temperatures, the company says it can provide biological life insurance in the form of healthy, preserved cells that can be later transformed into stem cells to treat disease providing that advancements in genetic therapy have been made by the time you are diagnosed, according to CTV. Cell therapy is rapidly emerging as the future of healthcare, Drew Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Acorn Biolabs, told Toronto-based Acorn Biolabs has developed a non-invasive method of preserving the genetic material found in the cells of human hair follicles. We need to work on banking our cells in advance so that when we are sick we have a source of cells that will drive the success of all of these potential therapies. In 2012, scientists from Britain and Japan were awarded a Nobel Prize after discovering that adult cells could be transformed into embryo-like stem cells that could regrow tissue in damaged organs. Regenerative medicine is widely seen as the next big step healthcare innovation. ( As reported in the news.