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Upheaval Zelenskiy: Jemilev and Pro-Kremlin Insurgency

upheaval zelenskiy: Jemilev and many others including Canada's leaders credit Poroshenko with saving his country from ruin in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and fomented a pro-Kremlin insurgency in the country's east that has killed 13,000 people, according to National Observer. Jemilev, also the political leader of Crimea's persecuted Tatars, says he was initially worried that the actor-turned-politician Volodymyr Zelenskiy was too soft on Russia. Jemilev, 75, is a staunch supporter of former president Petro Poroshenko. But with Russia's continuing threat and Ukraine now facing political upheaval Zelenskiy was sworn in on Monday and abruptly dissolved parliament on Tuesday Jemilev says the time has come to rally around the new president. ; Our position will be constructive, Zelenskiy told The Canadian Press on a visit to Ottawa this past week. We will definitely not play against him when he fails in something because that situation could be used by Russia. We will try to help him as much as possible because the stability of the country is the most important for us, he said through an interpreter. ( As reported in the news.