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Ever-Delayed Separation: Hostage Videos and Gate Brexit

ever-delayed separation: Although just less than half of the 17 candidates have made it to the studio others are represented by recorded stump-speeches that have all the confidence and polish of hostage videos they are crammed onstage like horses at the starting gate, according to Rabble. Brexit, announces moderator David McCullagh. In the last of Prime Time's three European Election debates, this special broadcast must contend with the sheer volume of candidates for the Midlands-North-West mega constituency. And they're off! Or, in Luke Ming Flanagan's case, and by his own admission, way off. On the whole, the opinion here is that Brexit, this ever-delayed separation, is both regrettable and dangerous and that Ireland is better off in Europe. Asked about encouraging Irish voters in Britain to vote Leave, Flanagan, seeking re-election, explains he had hoped for a jolt to this project of an ever-closer union and now appears to be more careful what he wishes for. ( As reported in the news.