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Crown Decision: Court Monday and Licence Plates

crown decision: Assimilate, whether in the sense of a fictional alien race or the real history of Indigenous people in Canada, is talking about wiping out the uniqueness of people, Murray said, according to CTV. The legal challenge against MPI was launched by Winnipeg's Nick Troller over the Crown corporation's decision to revoke his personalized plate in 2017. Manitoba Justice lawyer Charles Murray told court Monday that licence plates are owned and issued by Manitoba Public Insurance, and the insurer cannot be divorced from a historical context of cultural genocide. Troller is an avid fan of the Star Trek TV franchise and in 2015 got the plate with the well-known words from the alien race the Borg. James Kitchen, lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, argued on behalf of Troller. He put the ASIMIL8 plate in a border that stated We are the Borg and Resistance is futile. ( As reported in the news.