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Baby Boomers: Cottage Life and Waterfront Property

baby boomers: I am going to be 78 years old this year, she said, according to National Observer. I'd like to stay here till I croak. ; Multiple jurisdictions, overlapping regulations, a lack of funds and time to enforce them, is hurting one entity the most Big Rideau Lake itself. She retired to this waterfront property in Portland, Ont. three decades ago and still loves her home. Ontpoli environment shorelines waterquality Norton is among the first wave of baby boomers, sometimes dubbed the grey tsunami, who traded city living for cottage life when they retired. On Big Rideau Lake, surrounded by three townships in eastern Ontario, the trend means increasing development and more year-round residency on the shores of a body of water linked to the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence rivers. ; Norton's village of Portland is in the township of Rideau Lakes, where 27 per cent of the population of 10,326 as of 2016 is older than 65, and the median age equal portion above and below is 54. It's an increasing trend, says a 2018 Re/Max Report on recreational real estate, notably in Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. ( As reported in the news.