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Night Surfing: Election Commission

night surfing: Please tell us what you think of The Election Fix by emailing me at rohan, according to Rabble. I'd like to thank Devang, Likhita, Sameeha, Kalpana and Sai for sending notes and suggestions about previous issues of the Election Fix, which you can find here. Today, we look at the debates around the actions of the Election Commission, whether there is support for anti-elitist politics in India and why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was up until 3 am one night surfing the internet. If you haven't already signed up, subscribe here to get the Election Fix in your inbox. Alongside it is another storyline that is as important. The Big Story Neutral umpire The Bharatiya Janata Party vs Congress vs other parties narrative isn't the only song in town. ( As reported in the news.