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Refugee: Richard Wex and Refugee Board

refugee: Richard Wex is the first chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board ever granted a car and chauffeur at a cost of 78,562 a year, according to Toronto Star. IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE BOARD PHOTO Critics suggest the money could be better used to hire another refugee judge. Richard Wex, who was appointed chair of the beleaguered Immigration and Refugee Board in July, is the first person in charge of the tribunal to be afforded the benefit at a cost of 78,562 a year. A judge's current starting salary is 94,121 a year. This is problematic when the board is struggling to find resources and innovative ways to improve efficiency to deal with the growing backlog. At a time when we need more adjudicators to have refugee claims processed faster, how is this going to have a positive impact on the processing time asked Francisco Rico-Martinez, of Toronto's FCJ Refugee Centre and past chair of the Canadian Council for Refugees. ( As reported in the news.