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Mass Horror: Anders Breivik and Summer Camp

mass horror: Anders Breivik saw these youth as a threat to the White Europe that he wished for, according to National Observer. Cultural Marxism, he explained in detail, was a political theory pushed by Jews and feminists to destroy Western Civilization. ; We knew in 2011 that violent rhetoric begets violence. It was published after the author, a Norwegian far-right terrorist, killed 77 people in Utoya, Norway, the majority of whom were youth attending a left-wing political summer camp. We knew in 2018 that a Canadian mass murderer was radicalized online by softer right-wing forces. It was code for the racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, violently sexist worldview that drove Breivik to commit such a mass horror. And we know, again, that the organized global forces of white nationalism feed one another. ( As reported in the news.