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Property Owners: Addictions Recovery and Jarvis Avenue

property owners: One man is hoping to turn things around by working with landlords and property owners, and a resident said the project is making a big difference, according to CTV. Sober for more than seven months, former methamphetamine user Haley Harrington, 21, has found hope in a new apartment. Many of the suites have been left in shambles due to drugs and crime. She recently moved into her own suite in a building on Jarvis Avenue a place where she feels safe and comfortable. She lives in one of 20 suites in the building rented out by Chris D'Souza, who started the program he calls 'multicultural addictions recovery and supports.' He teamed up with a property management company and the owner of the building to create clean and safe living options and community volunteer opportunities for people, once they've completed addictions treatment. I jumped on the opportunity because I was looking for a new place to live and learn and grow in my recovery, said Harrington. ( As reported in the news.