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Networking Conference: Law Enforcement and Canadian Conservatives

networking conference: Karl Rove, former senior advisor in George W. Bush's administration, was the keynote speaker at an annual gathering of Canadian conservatives in Canada's capital the Manning Networking Conference, according to National Observer. So when Rove sat down with former federal Reform Party leader Preston Manning, it was no surprise that he was asked about the news that U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller had turned in his report stemming from the law enforcement and counterintelligence investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. ; I'm in the minority of my party on this. As a prominent Republican strategist took to the stage in Ottawa, there was big news breaking south of the border, concerning the Republican-controlled White House where he once used to work. ; If there was collusion, we'd know about it, Karl Rove told an Ottawa crowd of conservatives on a Friday night. I know Bob Mueller. Rove also said because the Trump campaign leaked information so heavily to media sources no campaign, in my experience, has leaked worse than the Donald Trump campaign then that suggested something about the campaign's innocence. He's a really good man, and he's a straight arrow, said Rove.U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Mueller's investigation as a witch hunt while many key Republicans have refused to condemn presidential broadsides against the Justice Department. ( As reported in the news.