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Alexander Avenue: Isabel Street and Ross Avenue

alexander avenue: The intersection, which currently has a pedestrian corridor with overhead signs and flashing lights, is near another pedestrian corridor at Isabel Street and Alexander Avenue, where on Monday at around 12 p.m. a four-year-old girl was fatally struck by a vehicle, according to CTV. IRCOM executive director Dorota Blumczynska said the organization expressed concerns to the city about the Isabel Street and Ross Avenue crossing a year and a half ago. The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba and a Winnipeg city councillor want a traffic signal light to be installed at the intersection of Isabel Street and Ross Avenue. In a letter about the crossing dated Sept.1, 2017, Blumczynska said children use it to attend school and community programand they face speeding vehicles and motorists who don't stop. At any given point these crosswalks are activated dozens of times a day and, regrettably, they don't provide the community with the safety that they have a right to so that they can cross the road, said Blumczynska. In an interview on Friday, Blumczynska said she's disappointed nothing has changed. ( As reported in the news.