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Top-Shelf Candidate: Sanders Heads and San Diego

top-shelf candidate: The senator from Vermont was an insurgent outsider three years ago in a head-to-head race against Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state whose grip on the Democratic nomination was effectively unshakeable by the time California's primary was held in June that year, according to CTV. When Sanders heads to San Diego on Friday for the first of three California campaign rallies, the self-described democratic socialist will be asking for votes in a Democratic contest in which he's a top-shelf candidate. This time around, everything has changed. He'll be campaigning in a state that could be pivotal to choosing the Democratic nominee. Sanders attracted a throng of cheering supporters to an outdoor rally Friday in San Diego, where he promised to win California in 2020 and railed against President Donald Trump's leadership. And unlike the state's end-of-the-line primary in 2016, California is voting near the front of the pack this time in March 2020 with hundreds of delegates at stake. ( As reported in the news.