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Refugee Judges: Short-Hearing Process and issues.a Group

refugee judges: Canada is now fast-tracking asylum claims from selected countries, according to Toronto Star. Allan Woods / Toronto Star File Photo These new instructions are examples of initiatives recently put in place to slow the growth of the inventory and wait times for claimants, refugee board chairman Richard Wex told the Star. On Tuesday, refugee judges began assessing claims under what is known as a file-review process meaning a decision is made based on submissions from claimants without a hearing and a short-hearing process, where there are few disputable issues.A group of irregular migrants two men, a woman and a baby cross the border from the United States into Canada, near the Quebec town of St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, in February 2017. By matching our efforts with the complexity of each claim, we are using our resources more effectively, which will result in more refugee claim decisions. Many of the claims are from asylum seekers who came through the U.S.-Canada border since late 2015 after U.S. President Donald Trump came into the office with a mandate to crack down on illegal migrants. The latest statistics show the board has more than 73,000 outstanding claims and the wait time for a hearing now hovers at around 24 months. ( As reported in the news.