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People Force-Feed: Tubes and Court Orders

people force-feed: The man is among a group of nine detainees in the El Paso facility who immigration officials acknowledged Friday are being hydrated and fed against their will under court orders, according to CTV. That's up from six men who were being fed through nasal tubes Wednesday when The Associated Press first reported on the force-feeding. He's put on a bed where he says his arms and legs are strapped down and a group of people force-feed him by pouring liquid into tubes pushed through his nose. They tie us on the force-feeding bed, and then they put a lot of liquid into the tubes, and the pressure is immense so we end up vomiting it out, said the man, who called the AP Friday from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility where he is being held. The pipe is not an easy process, but they try to push it down our noses and throats. We can't talk properly, and we can't breathe properly. ( As reported in the news.