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Security Agencies: Question Period and Job Sign

security agencies: In an interview on CTV's Question Period that airs on Sunday, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale initially said that there will be new money for these agencies going forward to do their total job, according to CTV. Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter, for all the latest politics news However, in a follow up comment his office clarified that the new funding would be coming from a pre-announced 750 million that was part of the last federal budget, that is to be allotted to the various security agencies over five years. The announcement was made without any new funding attached, but the minister who oversees many of these organizations is vowing that they will have the cash they need to do the job. We announced Canada's Cyber Security Strategy last year with new funding of 750M. Action against foreign interference is a key part of the package. During the interview, Goodale did not reference this specific funding amount, but said he is currently in the process of making sure that agencies like the RCMP have enough support. Agencies like the RCMP and CSE are receiving major allocations, Goodale said in a tweet on Saturday. ( As reported in the news.